Wednesday, December 30, 2015

They Might Be Vic and Sade Fans

Sundance Award Winning Filmmaker Jason Willis is a big Vic and Sade fan. You might remember his references to Sishigan, Michigan and Gus Fuss (and perhaps others) in Catnip: An Egress to Oblivion.

He's the director of the They Might Be Giants' Video, "Shape Shifter":

Take notice of the "guy" whose head turns into a beer can - then have a really close up view of the can, here. There are a few Vic and Sade goodies there.

Thanks to Jason for helping keep Vic and Sade alive!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

More on Brokaw Hospital

According to "Shambles Constant", a fellow who lives in Bloomington, Browkaw Hospital is right across the street from the house Paul Rhymer grew up in on Virginia Avenue.  I wonder why the hospital is rarely spoken of in the show?  The hospital has been there since the late 1800's.

(Note to "Shambles" - I just NOW saw your comment about the hospital that you made in November..)

Monday, December 28, 2015

Browkaw Hospital

Hey everyone, I'm still alive.

My scanner still isn't working but I hope to try again very soon.  Meanwhile, I do have a couple of things for you:

In the episode, 32-07-28 Vic Is Asked To Be A Mannequin, there is reference to a Brokaw Hospital.  It never occurred to me, until today, to look that up but when I did, I was totally surprised at what I found.  Check it out.

Also, there will be a special two part podcast that will be released sometime in the next week hopefully, highlighting the nine best-sound episodes of Vic and Sade with commentary by PQ Ribber and yours truly.  There is also going to be a (probable) weekly podcast about Vic and Sade where various episodes will be discussed.  We probably won't go through the entire series or anything like that, but certain episodes will be discussed until we choke Billy Patterson.  Stay tuned for information.

Have a safe holiday time.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Scanner troubles, other junk

Every now and then, the power cord comes out of the scanner and then I experience a load of problems.  This just happened the other day.  It is a very difficult problem for me, one, because I don't see very well and two, it's just exhausting and frustrating.  I will keep trying and eventually, it will work.  It may take a couple of more days but I hope not.   It seems like everything is set right and then I try it and it doesn't work.  Scream time!!

Also, I know people who love me to death and love Vic and Sade even more and yet cannot STAND my little Vic and Sade songs done on a vocoder of all things.  Yes, these were all written by me and they are just silly little songs and I KNOW you people hate them.  I'm sorry you hate them.  The vocoder was never made to have people singing entire songs in them and if they were, you'd expect some more musical accompaniment, right?

Don't hate me.  Please don't hate me. I bet Mr. Rhymer would laugh at me - you should too.

Monday, September 28, 2015


Well, I fouled up the links to the script this morning.  They are fixed now.

Found a full script for...

Just the other day, I unearthed some dialogue for 32-01-28 Vic is Asked to be a Mannequin.  This morning, I found a whole script for it, which I posted at the above link.

There's not much in there that we don't know, except that it looks like Vic might not have been 110% against it when Sade began turning him into a mannequin.  And then it was like a cartoonish-snowball.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Vic loses it

Vic can't control his laughter when Sade gets another dumb letter from Bess.  See the full, fun script.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Uncle Headache

Uncle Fletcher gives Vic a headache in the latest, full script that's now up on The Crazy World web site.  44-03-25 Testing Mis' Keller's Phone

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lazy as a rabbit

A heads up for you: I'm being lazy this weekend.  I'll be back at it tomorrow.

I'm actually working on cleaning up a script, so it's not like I am down at the Y, watching the fat men.  However, I have been involved in a couple of projects other than Vic and Sade and put the show's work on the back burner.

I didn't want you to think I had joined up with Nicer Scott to form an anti-Vic and Sade league.

I also wanted to shout out to all the folks that have written me an email the past couple of weeks.  It is wonderful to get new visitors to the site and your encouragement is very important to me.  Thanks for all of that stuff. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Songs about Vic and Sade

You will find several, short Vic and Sade inspired songs in my latest podcast over at the ONSUG.  There have been a couple of songs written about Vic and Sade, but I think I've set a record for this podcast.  There will probably be more to come.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Prepare to be confused

I found two 1944 episodes this morning with the exact same title, yet very different episodes.  It seems Barbara Schwarz, who was responsible for most of the titles as we know them, made a tiny mistake. I had also overlooked this mistake for about three years.

Just looking at the titles, one would never know that weren't the same (or a re-used/re-worked script).  One episode was 44-04-06 Sade Plays Rummy and the other was 44-07-04 Sade Plays Rummy.  The earlier episode involved Sade all set up to play rummy, but failing to do so.  That episode does sound amazingly like the latter episode (audio exists of that episode).

However, the earlier episode has Russell getting a motorcycle and there's talk of his bank account and yada yada yada.  Therefore, I have changed the name of the earlier episode to 44-04-06 Sade Rummy/Russell's Motorcycle.

If there could be anything more dangerous than Russell with a motorcycle, I wouldn't know what it would be. Well, maybe Vic with a motorcycle!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lost and found

Found and added: 2 pages of a recent script I put up last week.  Now the script is complete.  44-04-20 A Letter from Bess - No Card Game

Things to think - and write about

Below are some things to think about.  Maybe these will spark your own perspective and perhaps you will write about it.  Sharing the piece with us here would make us all happy; there are few things better than a new perspective on Vic and Sade.

* Why would Paul Rhymer write a script about Mr. Gumpox getting a mail order bride and then basically abandon this situation?  Considering how good the continuity of the show is, why would he take this route?  Do you think we are missing an episode(s) where there is trouble of some sort or the other?

* The relationship between Rush and Vic is very special and when the two are alone, it can sometimes be quite tender.  How real are these moments to you?

* David Whitehouse (as Russell) really gets shafted by the fans and by the written material about the show that exists today.  If you don't like the Russell character, why not?  If you feel like Russell gets the short end of the stick, let's hear about it.

* It would be lots of fun to read character analysis of people like Mr. Gumpox, the Brick Mush man, Mis' Appelrot, Aunt Bess, Euncie, Hank Gutstop, Mr. Sludge, Lolita di Rienzi and anyone else.  You have a lot of material at your fingertips but your own conjecture would make things much more fun.  Come on, Mr. Gumpox is really interesting when you think about him.  Add a little magic to what we know and you'd have a very appealing article.

* Were the movies at the Bijou really that great or was it the fact that you could sit in there all day in air-conditioned comfort?  See your friends?  See girls?!  Get a soda pop and some popcorn?  Or was the romance of Gloria Golden and Frank Fuddleman really that exciting?

* Why did Bess and Walter never visit the Gooks?

And anything else you can think of.  Go for it. 

Sade, the scientific genius

Well, maybe she's not quite Tesla or Edison, but I still wouldn't mess with her.

We have a cleaned-up script from 44-07-11 Don't Scrape off the Watts!

Little by little, we add to this website.  I am ALWAYS looking for contributions.  Feel free to contribute in any way you can.  My email address can be found on the left-hand side of the site.  Your perspective is wanted.  It does not have to be a long piece or for that matter, a well-written piece.  Your contribution and opinion is what really matters.

Monday, September 14, 2015

More stuff tomorrow

I've been under the weather the last two days and have been slowly cleaning up a script; I will probably get back to posting by tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, check out this episode.  My imagination conjures up a delightful 10 minute journey that we are all missing and may never know all the details about. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015

More problems

I do not like problems.  Like Vic, I enjoy apple pie order.  It's unfortunate, but things do not always work the way you intend them to.

This morning, I went through the rest of the scripts to see where I am.  I forgot to count them but there must be 25-35 scripts or so left.  There are a few pages missing from a few "full" scripts.  I am guessing this was my fault and no, I have no idea how or why.  There may be as many as 5 script affected.  I realize this is bad news but no one feels worse about it than me.  I cannot say for sure that I was given every page, but I'm going to assume so.  I'm just going to put it on myself.  I am totally sorry about this.

That aside, I was fooling around today and didn't post anything.  I will try and continue making progress tomorrow.  If not for the fact that I clean these scripts up, it would be a lot easier; but doing so adds a great deal to the messy scripts, I feel.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Problems, ugh

I am still having problems with viewing scripts or parts of scripts online.  However, you should still be able to download them and view them on your computer.  Just right click and choose 'save as'.

There was a problem with the Chef Donahue script from yesterday, but it's there now and you can save it.  Thanks to 'chc' for the heads up.

I'm sorry about this problem with viewing the scripts.  I hope it clears up soon.  It's not my doing.  ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Vic and Sade did over 13 kajillion Christmas episodes

36-12-01 Melvin Needs To Borrow Vic's Lodge Robe: now with handy-dandy dialogue and expanded synopsis. 

It can be real

The world of Vic and Sade is as real as you want it to be.  You can just listen.  Or be there.  If you really want to.

Just part of a larger podcast, hosted by PQ Ribber, about 'Reality'.

A problem fixed; let's celebrate by changing names!

Long story short, I encountered a problem (not of my doing, for once) and am in the process of fixing a major headache that would not allow the large scripts to show up online.  If you tried to access a script recently and found it not showing up (you always download them) well then you you probably thought I have no idea what I am doing; I am currently in the process of fixing this problem and sometime today we should be back to normal.

In the meantime, 44-03-28 Grown Men Trading Names has added a full script and I have re-worked the web post a bit.

Little by little I am knocking this out.  My hope is to get to all these scripts before the end of the year.  Provided everything remains status quo, that shouldn't be a problem.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Several new articles at the 'Vic and Sade in Print Media' site

Scroll down past the top index and you will find 8 or 9 new articles at 'Vic and Sade in Print Media' site.

And Jack Chalbeck as Rush...

It seems every time I find a boatload of new articles, I find another person who played Rush at some point or the other.  That's fine, but sometimes (such as this case) we are only told, 'Hey this guy played Rush when Rush wasn't there'.  Oh, now when would that be?  When he left the series (uh, no one played Rush after he left the series, did they?  Maybe they are talking about Series 3... let's not go there).

This article mentions Jack Chalbeck.  It's very possible (maybe even likely) that Chalbeck played one of Rush's friends during the Dottie Brainfeeble era.

But who knows?

Bill Idelson, animator

Here's our pal, Bill Idelson in the video below, from some kind of "behind the scenes" show (it seems) for "Gateway to the Mind".

A newspaper article says he animated this show. Hey, it really does say that.

"New" photo of Paul Rhymer

Until now, I had never seen this photo:

Where Russell Miller got his name

I love it when a mystery is solved.

Just found a new hoard of articles (woohoo) and one provides a giant clue where the name "Russell Miller" comes from.

One rotten little trivial laborer

It's Labor Day, and we celebrate by giving you a complete script where Russell is forced to do all the labor himself - putting up the porch swing.

See 44-05-03 Russell Has Three Bosses.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Crisco's Radio Newspaper

The Gook Twilight Zone and trivia column (Part Two)

  • What happened to Mr. and Mis' Donahue's young daughter, Florence?  There was always something weird about that house...
  • Who sells sauerkraut?  If you said Mis' Harris, then you win.
  • Who signs their name with blood?  This guy.
  • So far, we've found people with the following first names:
    Dirty (there were two of those), (and two of) Smelly, Rotten, Messy, Cupid, Stupid, Cracky, Spider, Bulldog, Collarbone, Peanut Brittle, Oyster, Olive, Muddy, Nicer, Pom Pom, Funny, Hunky, Wee, (two people with the name of) Four-Fisted, (four fellas named) Fat, (sixteen different people named) Ed, Bluetooth, Chalmers, Boo Boo, Cincinnati, Strap, Steemer, Rishigan, Rain Brain, Rooster, Flub...
  • And these last names:
    Blobbers, Gullbizer, Shoes, Dejectedly, Dirtshirt, Slime, Twentysixler, Eggsock, Geekrock, Unbleet, Razorscum, Chestbutter, Gutstop, Kneesuffer, Droop, Rapp, Stoot, Snoot, Fungal, Gasp, Sly, Fly, Spank, Spittle, Wermie, Spatt, Wopp, Hogsflat, Feedstroop, Claysnort, Stembottom, Gackwench, Kidneyslide, Kidneyscorch, Bucksaddle, Golfbake, Feedsmirk, Shootstraight, Flubber, Fishigan, Sickbrain, Gumpox, Eggspreader, Barbachoke, Chlorine, Eggers, Frostscum, Hammersweet, Kildigger, Angelharness, Dripfeeder, Ears, Filpot, Sludge, Bellyman, Coonbreef...
  • Remember when Sade charged a guy fifteen cents a month to park his bike in their shed?  That's about $2.75 in current day finances.  Was that even worth worrying about?  Sade needs to get a grip and chill.
  • Of all the movie stars we know of in the series, only one didn't have matching initials: Buck Peggles.
  • Plus, all this other weird stuff.  

Rishigan Fishigan trips us up in the Matrix

When a script is re-used and a different person is the focus than the original script, then things start to get weird; this script is a fine example of this and I truly do NOT like to think or talk about such things.  Doing so makes me know the show isn't real and that makes me sad.

Still, we are blessed with a complete script: 44-05-05 Rish Fish's Short Career

The special relationship

There have been many articles written about Vic and Sade (and I'm proud to say that most of them have been written by the people who have contributed directly to my Vic and Sade websites).  However, I was thinking the other day, there so desperately needs to be an overview about the relationship between Vic and Rush.  It is a tender bond that yearns to be explored.

I'd love to do it and in time, if no one takes on the job, I might try and write such an article.  But you've already clearly seen that I am NO WRITER. Worse, I have no kids and I'm not sure I could fully grasp that special connection.

If someone (or many) would like to write such an article, you don't need my permission.  Just jump on that bandwagon.  But do us all a favor and please share it with me; I'd like to share it with others on my website.  It would not have to be a huge article or a giant project.

Please note that if someone would like to take on such a project, I would be happy to help in any way I could, especially by providing whatever information one would need.  I am quite adept at finding things around here.

Think about it. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

It's raining Christmas episodes

All these Christmas episodes make me nostalgic... I have expanded the episode 37-12-03 Rush Needs Money For Christmas Shopping and here's hoping you enjoyed it as much as I did putting it up for you.  Oh, there's expanded script details and other goodies.

Fun for your Friday

A brand new episode, along with script awaits you.  No, there's no audio - you'll have to use your imagination.  Still, a very fun script it is.  Click here to view 37-04-28 Reverend Kidneyslide - A Slick Talker.

Few people have ever seen this script until now.  I consider these scripts to be treasures.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

And a Joyeux Noel to you

I've added a much larger script synopsis to 36-12-17 Sade Goes Christmas Shopping (Joyeux Noel).

TRAIN! Run, YY, run!

Did you know that we are certain that YY Flirch was hit by at least 3 fast passenger trains.  We know this from scripts and existing audio episodes. That is, roughly 20% of the episodes.

Is it possible that Flirch was hit an additional 10 to 12+ times?  It is very possible.

Bill Idelson remarked in an audio interview that Flirch was "always getting hit with fast passenger trains."

This is one of the many plots/subplots that permeate the show, like Sade's muddled money or Vic trying to sneak in a cowboy hat or letters from Bess, etc.  It just so happens that Flirch getting hit by trains is only a small part of the episodes we have.

You ever wonder what kind of jobs Hank Gutstop got along the way that we don't know about?  Zookeeper, anyone?

Another thing: we already knew from scripts and script pieces that Mis' Donahue had a SMALL/YOUNG daughter in the 1930's.  I was reminded of this because she was mentioned in the script I uploaded earlier today.  Where did she go?

If you can think of other questions without an answer, pleease leave a comment or drop me a line.

Sade: against guns but pro-killjoy

We now have a full script for 44-07-21 Sade and the Revolver. I've spent several hours digitally removing more pencil marks than a rabbit and improving it as much as I can (hey, I am not a professional).

This might be the best script we have so far in the Russell-era. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Little Euncie goes into shock!

All because she didn't have 15 fingers.  And you think I'm kidding...

Check out the full script and a brand new re-working of 44-05-18 Euncie's Piano Accident.

And please try and appreciate this script, as I spent more than 5 hours digitally cleaning it up.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And so, it begins

Hey everybody!  I start anew today and I am very excited about getting back to work.

I start off by adding a bit of a script and changing a synopsis I had already posted for 38-11-28 Mr. Erickson, Sneaky Collector (although it was not called that prior to today - there is also a date change too, so the new information is just slightly different from the old).
Some days there will just be one update and other days there will be several.  Hang on to your wide-brimmed hats.  :)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Vic and Sade 'song' From PQ Ribber and Jimbo

The great and talented PQ Ribber fiddled around recently with Vic and Sade and I took the opportunity to add to it this afternoon, making this 'song' one of the more unusual Vic and Sade peripheral oddities in pop culture,in my opinion.

It's kind of accident that the song suggests what it suggests.  I say "accident", however, I do think the suggestion involved is Freudian.

In case you've forgotten, PQ is a big Vic and Sade fan and plays an episode of the show every week on his Quakquaversal Satellite Night Project podcast.

HEAR IT HERE:  BRING ON THE HEADACHE (Version 2, with Jimbo) 

Did it "happen" if it didn't "happen", even though it's not real?

You're going to love this dilemma. Above is something I come across a lot: a script that was changed before the show. Paul Rhymer wrote it. He intended it to be on the show. He intended it to be a part of Vic and Sade's world.

However, it never aired, so... did it "happen"? I say it did happen. What do you say?

The Brand New Crazy World of Vic and Sade?

Do you ever make mistakes and think, "I'd just like to start over"?

Well, that's me.  When I began the main Vic and Sade website, I had little knowledge of the show or characters.  I had only listened to 15 or 20 shows total when I began this endeavor.  Yes, you read that correctly.

At that time I began, I had no idea that notes from others existed.  I had no idea scripts existed.  These things would eventually marry with what I had found.  Before the marriage however, I created a messy problem in that many of the characters have names in the "database" that are misspelled differently than Mr. Rhymer spelled them.  In order to keep things together (so they could be found together) I CONTINUED to misspell them.  It sounds like a dumb idea now but it didn't then.  Not only that, but all I had to go on (early on) was the audio and so the audio stuff is defined at times in the main website as the DEFINITIVE WORK of Rhymer.  You will find things like, "This is the first time Dr. Keevey is mentioned" when in fact, he may have been mentioned in an earlier script (that I now have) that I didn't have at the time.

That's the cruelty of having done the site the way I did:
  • Newcomer hears program - begins documenting what he hears after about 20 episodes.
  • Newcomer doesn't know about notes or scripts. 
  • I later find some scripts. 
  • I later find more scripts. 
  • I later am blessed with a myriad of notes from people doing the same thing I am doing. 
  • I am later blessed with many, many more notes and many scripts that I didn't even know existed. 
  • Meanwhile, all this time has passed and I learn more and more about the show - my opinions and viewpoints change over time, as well as my knowledge of the facts, some which I had already documented as FACTS.
So what remains is a mess.  I never intended to have a mess, but...

So, forgive me.  I will try to continue to clean up the mess.  In doing so, some episode material in the website will change.

In a perfect world, I can imagine taking all of the material (when I am finished) and making a completely new website, free of these problems I have created.  We shall see what happens.

I'm back on September 1st!

Let's make it official: September 1st will begin a new push here.  I've psyched myself up and am getting ready to go for a new round of updates. Hopefully, this new push will finish up this group of {new} scripts and script pieces.  Also, I plan to incorporate the many transcribed pieces from Mis' Crowe, as I have fallen behind on those as well.

It's fun to get re-hyped; I almost feel like I am starting over - and trust me, that's a good thing.  This "energy" is something I am known for - so let's do it!

By the way, I am a person who has no tattoos.  I tell you this because I am seriously thinking about getting a Vic, Sade, Rush and Uncle Fletcher tattoo on my arm(s).  I don't know if this will ever happen but I have been seriously thinking about this.  Haha.  We'll see.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

And now, let's see what's going on...

Hi there.  Remember me?

As long as I don't get ran over with a hurricane or tropical storm in a few days, or the stock market or God-knows-what-else doesn't get me, I expect to be churning out new material (well, old material - but NEW TO YOU) sometime very shortly.  My calendar says after I am assured the "coming storm" (Erica) isn't going to kill me.

I'm real sorry about the lay off but I know you will forgive me, because I have been very faithful to these web sites and I still love Vic and Sade, despite the fact that Sade can be a real punch in the snoot, sometimes.

So, watch this space carefully.  Better yet, follow me on Twitter.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Sarah Cole is a 'Fangirl'

Sarah Cole, who has been a fan of 'Vic and Sade' for many years and has written oodles of stuff for my mothership blog, 'The Crazy World of Vic and Sade', finds herself to be the center of an interview about 'Star Wars'.  She's also a huge fan of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Somehow, she deftly avoided mentioning 'Vic and Sade', what a naughty girl!  She'll never get to be the Grand Old Lodge Lady doing that..

Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's baseball season

Vic and Rush and Russell (not to mention Mr. Sludge [White Sox] and Fred Stembottom [Dizzy Dean]) all loved baseball - and I do too.  Sunday evening is "Opening Day" and Monday is "Opening Day" as well.  My favorite team plays on the West coast Monday night, beginning at 10 pm, Eastern time.  I have to stay up all hours.  That's the price one must pay.

That gives me all day Monday to work on Vic and Sade.  The thing is, the next thing in line is a script, one of those so-called "dirty scripts"... that is, a script that's been written on (I do believe it was from the hand of Clarance Hartzell.)  I do hate to 'clean' these scripts up but it's for the better,  It makes them much easier to read.  Here's an example of the clean up:

It won't be a one day job.  It might take two or three.  And it's baseball season. And it's Opening Week.  I might disappear for a bit, but it won't be for long.

Play ball!

"I wouldn't dirty my shoe kicking him downstairs"

Sade doesn't like Hank Gutstop. Or his Christmas Scheme. Now with partial script and a more-detailed synopsis. And some other junk.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Vic, Sade and Rush have breakfast

It's not the focal point of 33-09-15 Thimble Club Inspection Trip, but the episode shows the Gook family did eat breakfast every once in a while.

New commentary, trivia and a partial script and synopsis.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Lots of new info on the original audition for 'Vic and Sade'

If you are a fan of the show, please take the time to see the new info, the new synopsis and new dialog and my new commentary and trivia for the original auiditon.

I found out a lot of things I didn't know this morning as I put this episode together for the website.  Vic and Sade were highly different creatures back then, but there are hints to things... well, I'll leave it at that.  I hope you will take the time to thoroughly review this, it definitely will not be a waste of your time.

  32-03-28 Audition - Too Many Gooks

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rush's invention

This 1933 episode hints at slapstick comedy.  The ending was probably fun to hear.  But all we have is a printed synopsis and a few lines of dialog.  And it still works.

Check out 33-07-07 Rush the Inventor, and read my commentary and brief trivia, which speak about the early years of the show.

Consolidated Kitchenware used skulls on their certificates!

Vic is involved in who-knows-what down there.  Perhaps he sacrifices the 'kids in the office' to the Pickle and Olive Shoe goddess...

Actually, the Gooks all want their pictures displayed on the wall.  THE HORROR.  It all works out and no one gets killed.  I've added all new commentary.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cecil passes on

We never got to hear the exploits of Cecil, but I imagine him to be a lot like Howard.  He dies in this episode and a further look at the new material we have, shows us this might be a 'hidden gem'.  At the very least, a nice episode.

I've got some fun notes and trivia for you, plus some dandy dialog and a first class synopsis.

Cliche' Rhymer?

A pre-Rush dud isn't out of the question. Check out 32-07-01 Vic's Lunch Delays Sade, a script that seems a bit tired.  However, my notes and commentary are all new and there's some dialog and a synopsis that are also new.

Mushy Sade wants action!

Let's boil it down... Mushy Sade wants action!  Will she get action or will Vic fall asleep on the davenport?  Pre-Hays' Code radio may surprise you.  See a brand new commentary and some new dialog and synopsis for 32-07-04 Sade Wants to Communicate.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Back in business

Finally, things are close to 'back to normal' on this end.  I had a whole lot of trouble with getting that paper out of the printer, which had knocked out my scanner, but my brother finally bullied it out of there.  And I have another scanner sitting here now, waiting for it's chance to help me later on.

So check out 32-11-26 Mr. Johnson, the Peoria Peke.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

'The Crazy World of Vic and Sade' Terms of Service

Nullam commodo neque
Etiam aliquam sem ac velit feugiat elementum. Nunc eu elit velit, nec vestibulum nibh. Curabitur ultrices, diam non ullamcorper blandit, nunc lacus ornare nisi, egestas rutrum magna est id nunc. Pellentesque imperdiet malesuada quam, et rhoncus eros auctor eu. Nullam vehicula metus ac lacus rutrum nec fermentum urna congue. Vestibulum et risus at mi ultricies sagittis quis nec ligula. Suspendisse dignissim dignissim luctus. Duis ac dictum nibh. Etiam id massa magna. Morbi molestie posuere posuere.

Donec malesuada vehicula

Fusce a metus eu diam varius congue nec nec sapien. Vestibulum orci tortor, sollicitudin ac euismod non, placerat ac augue. Nunc convallis accumsan justo. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Donec malesuada vehicula lectus, viverra sodales ipsum gravida nec. Integer gravida nisi ut magna mollis molestie. Nullam pharetra accumsan sagittis. Proin tristique rhoncus orci, eget vulputate nisi sollicitudin et. Quisque lacus augue, mollis non mollis et, ullamcorper in purus. Morbi et sem orci. Praesent accumsan odio in ante ullamcorper id pellentesque mauris rhoncus. Duis vitae neque dolor. Duis sed purus at eros bibendum cursus nec a nulla. Donec turpis quam, ultricies id pretium sit amet, gravida eget leo.

Skip down!

Oh.  Um.

Nullam eros mi

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Nunc vehicula dapibus

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Nullam commodo neque

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Spinach spittle ad nauseum volum lazy hobo hic riffy sic epidermus yokel agricula omus yella soc sim sis sit sil sip brenny hoc alorum mis yop desum aqui ad librus yiks.  Raymond Beirman.
Really tiny print

Really tiny print really tiny print really tiny print really tiny print really tiny print. All lefts reversed.

Mmmm... Hoover Dip

This episode tells us that Hoover Dip is sweet, so it seems unlikely that this concoction is the same.

Close, but no Beef Punkles!

The Band: Hyena Grease

Remember The Bright Kentucky Hotel song?  Now, there's the band, Hyena Grease!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Vic and Sade aren't Real

Me and my bro - I'm on the left
I was startled when my brother questioned me this morning.  Usually, he knows my thoughts and doesn't have to question me.  But this morning was different. We were having a discussion about the radio series, Vic and Sade.  I was making some good points and letting my brother know what's what.  He cocked his head and made a point of letting me know that he was somewhat disturbed.  He said, "You know, Vic and Sade aren't real. The show was scripted!"

He was SERIOUS. Yes, I knew the show was scripted! But sometimes from the way I talk, think, write and live my life, you might not know that I know, but I know.

If you dig deep enough (and I think I have), you feel like you know what Mr. Genius, Paul Rhymer was up to, at least partially.  I haven't filled in all of the blanks by any means and I'm probably wrong half the time or more.  But we've been presented with a very large puzzle - a book, let's say - that's missing several hundred pages.  We've been given clues what may be in those missing pages.  This resides in our minds, influenced heavily by Rhymer.  Some of us choose to flip through those pages and see what may or may not exist, others choose not to.

The Genius, Paul Rhymer
It reminds me a little of Reality TV.  You watch a few episodes and think, this isn't real!  And then before you know it, you are hooked.  You want to know what happened in the 13 episodes before you climbed aboard.  Your mind tries to fill in the gaps.  My brother reminds me, TV, like Vic and Sade, isn't real, it's all scripted.

Well, try immersing yourself in the show for 3+ years - and by that I mean to think about the show when you aren't listening to it.  An example: wonder about Vic and his love of parades.  Do you know anyone who has a LOVE for parades?  That's obsessed with parades?  That wants to attend every parade?  Vic has a parade sickness.  Make it real.  Imagine someone you know and give them a parade sickness.  How would they act?

As goofy as that sounds, I have done this for all the characters, including many of the those who aren't a part of the original series.  It probably goes far beyond what is "normal", but I enjoy it!

There are unanswered questions everywhere.  Do you not ponder these things? For instance, we are told that the Donahue and Scott families live next door to the Gooks.  When the Brainfeebles moved in, we are told they live next door. They can't all three live next door!

Okay, so that's probably not a big deal to you, but it happens to be a big deal to me. Everything in the show is a big deal, because I've made it real.

Am I nuts?  Probably...  and enjoying the series as much or more than anyone I know.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Blue screens of death


I've been having some very odd computer problems in both my computers, so instead of taking them to the shop so they can reinstall Windows, I've decided to just buy the software myself.  I'm waiting for it to arrive.  I'm hoping it will fix my problems and I can continue what I've started.

Give me some to ''get back where I was.''

Monday, March 9, 2015

Reviewing a week

Ah, it's been a week of doing almost nuttin' - yes, I know better.  One second more.

Meanwhile, read this again.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

''The cleverest and most original of the lot''

Radio was Our Home Entertainment
THIS OLD TOWN: Radio was our home entertainment
THIS OLD TOWN: Radio was our home entertainment
THIS OLD TOWN: Radio was our home entertainment
THIS OLD TOWN: Radio was our home entertainment

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Listen to Marc Rose from Fuse Box give us his background and some exciting news!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson

Did you know that Bluetooth also shares his nickname with a famous king of Scandinavia, Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson? Historians’ most widely-accepted theory on how King Harald got his name line up with Sarah Cole’s theory about Bluetooth Johnson: they literally had a blue tooth. Dentistry wasn’t so great in either the Great Depression or medieval Europe, and between boyish hijinks and Viking battles, I’m sure both had the opportunities to injure their teeth often.  -- Mis' Crowe

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Bluetooth Got His Nickname

Before there was Bluetooth, there was… Blue tooth!

Several years ago, a splendid book was published, which was a reaction to the overprotective culture that the authors saw as stifling the healthy development of the masculine character.  It was called The Dangerous Book for Boys (Iggulden, Conn, and Hal Iggulden. 2007. New York: Collins. )   The book includes stories of historical adventure, instructions for using tools and devices that may be – well, sharp – and directions for doing things that, a generation earlier, had been common activities for young men.  A desire to keep children safe is understandable, but, at the same time, it is by experience that a child learns how to assess uncertain situations so they can make the risky decisions of adulthood.  Eagles forbidden from jumping out of the eyrie will never learn to fly.  And a leap into the unknown can sometimes lead to bruises.

Most of Rush Gook’s friends have nicknames based on some physical characteristic.  Rooster Davis, presumably, reminds innocent bystanders of a rooster.  Smelly Clark – well, that name speaks for itself.  And then there’s Bluetooth Johnson.  These days, the lad could have a cellphone receiver attached to his ear, but, in the 1930s and 40s, it’s most likely that he had a blue tooth.  Although the name may date from some noteworthy incident with blueberry pie, or an unfortunate reaction to medicine in childhood, it’s most likely that he had a bruised tooth.  After long consultation with a dental hygienist, she confirmed something my mother had always said about this nickname: that a tooth can be injured in such a way that blood gets in it, and it eventually turns blue or black.   In these days of sophisticated tooth care techniques and insurance, such dental discolorations are easily hidden with a cap.  During the Depression, when a nickel phosphate at the Candy Kitchen was a luxury, a tooth abnormality that was merely cosmetic would simply have to be borne.  So Bluetooth did bear it: in both his mouth and his moniker.

A regular event in the 'Vic and Sade' episodes was for Rush to receive a call from Bluetooth.  If Vic was in the scene, he would rattle off a list of cliches, descriptive of Blue tooth’s excellent character and sturdy young manhood.  Although Vic was joking, he was right. Bluetooth did appear to be a friend Rush could rely on, and one who wasn’t afraid to face the risks of life.  After all, he could never nave injured his jaw sitting around merely reading Third Lieutenant Stanley stories.  He made his own adventures, along with the other boys who waited under the streetlight on the corner.  His blue badge of distinction was proof he didn’t need any Dangerous Books to show him how to take a risk, and triumph.  -- Sarah Cole

I've got troubles (((audio)))


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just a few more... please add to this!

sloppiness!, What you doin' answerin' the lame brain telephone? wheels within wheels, Sick River Junction, I recognize the oblong head Sade, depending upon your skill as a catcher, Choke Choke, butter patties, Zero Zinnias, little Charlie Husher, Mis' Harris, Josephine Gumpox, coal, Carberry, Euncie, What's her bein' colorblind have to do with her not bein' able to play the piano?, gettin' too chummy, likes the sensation, Enthusiam is contageous, thinkin' thoughts, Pittsburgh Colorado, dun from Kleeburgers, Director of Inmates, stuff happens, sleeve garters, rotten rotten rotten, Groceries? You, Irving?, Son of a gun's gotta rabbit!

More time, another day

Dove-hiney, scream like a panther, Victor one Rush nothing, All-beef, Fine!, Frater salute!, Panther's Blood, meat's not done, Bluetooth I says ''You're crazy'', telephone man who worked for the telephone company who was up the telephone pole fixing telephone wires, spool of white thread #50, Step up and call me 'George', Who tore my ritual?, a raise in pay, I'll bet you wouldn't climb in a barrel of Bibles an' say that, Hank Gutstop is healthy, Gimmee a kiss..., You could'a knocked me over with a feather,  In the living room are they?, Several trained nurses are comin' by fast automobile, Oh ish, Catch the angle?, makes you look like a peeled onion, a door stop weighing 440 pounds, Well Sir.

Friday, January 30, 2015

More time

Undershirt, JJJJ Stunbolt, always shovin' themselves into everything, head shaped like a banana, Razorscum, 'til who laid the chunk, throw your shoes over the People's Bank building, Golfbake, gravels, Brainfeeble, Dirtshirt, Kneesuffer, Walter, slippery as an owl, Claysnort, Kidneyslide, Dejectedly, Boo Boo, dentists, violins, pianos, Hunkermanlystoverdelmogintoshfer, portrait, fifty centses don't grow on trees, calistoker, drummed out, barefoot, lawn mower, thunderstorm, got his lil' sack, Royal Throne, Little Tiny Petite, big old monstrous, Caribbean flute, Homer Heck, boxing department, Dr. Sleetch, Number 7 is a bicycle, parcel post to Detroit Michigan, average American citizen, I'll have a haircut and a baloney sandwich, Hank Gutstop, Hermie Wermie, Dirty and Bertie

Five more minutes

Hit by a fast passenger train, YY Flirch, telephoning long distance promiscuous, East Brain, armed guard for the Home for the Tall, Funk's Grove, Dizzy Dean, Link, Rooster, fruit jars, stripped, Four-fisted, Chicago, Volume VII, fish dinner, Dismal Seepage, Grovleman South Carolina, Rishigan Fishigan from Sishigan Michigan, went into the powdered rabbit business, heavily veiled and greatly agitated, my overalls are wrinkled, Gov, little daily love story, Greek junk, pickled watermelon, lah dee dah, Mis' Donahue, Ruthie, Fred, Lolita di Rienzi, BB Baugh, Western side of Lester, Sweet Esther, later died, Burglars?

The five minute word association that choked Billy Patterson

Barbers, hats, cornets, Russell Honey, shoe laces, watch fobs, Christmas cards, boring letters, lodge rituals, Robert and Slobert, garbage wagon, porch swings, baseball, boiling beef, brick mush, indoor horseshoes, telephone's ringin', Mis' Applerot, Mr. Chinbunny, Bluetooth, rummy, maple ice cream, salted peanuts, warm lemonade, Howard, Bright Kentucky, free cole slaw coupon, postal card from Sunday School teacher, Uncle Strap, Rotten Davis, Bijou, The Greek's, weighing yourself, yellow envelope, R.J. Konk, dog gone the dog gone luck, fat men playin' handball, Plant 14, Tatman's vacant lot, underwear section, Nicer Scott, inventors, he didn't have any more job than a rabbit, I was impressed as a horse, You have an alarm clock record that is absolutely spotless, that choked Billy Patterson


From 34-10-31 Too Many Pictures, Too Little Wall Space:
Vic arrives home as Sade's working at hanging Uncle Fletcher's picture so it'll be in place when he stops by on his way to Washington, D.C.
Why was Uncle Fletcher heading to Washington DC?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New ice cream?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Uncle Fletcher Is Coming!

Uncle Fletcher may have been the greatest character in radio or television history.  See how he arrived.

Monday, January 12, 2015


This physical rehab junk is messing things up.  I am exhausted now and even as I try and put together something for the blog, it's just not working out.  I'm going to be busy with household stuff tomorrow and Wednesday brings more physical therapy and shopping.  Hopefully by Wednesday evening or Thursday I can get something done.

The good news is, after two pt sessions, I do feel better.  It's a long road, though.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Things will slow for a bit

I have a physical ailment that requires physical therapy.  For the next two months this will happen three days a week.

There's no doubt that this will slow me down a bit.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Who chose the scripts for the Mary Frances Rhymer book?

Do you ever wonder who chose the scripts for the Mary Frances Rhymer book?

Follow along here. It's 1972. People are starving for material from the collection you own - the collection of scripts you can choose from to write a book.

You decide to write a book (that is, all you pretty much have to do is pick out a bunch of scripts and put them in a book). That's pretty easy, because your husband was Paul Rhymer. He wrote the best radio show ever.

So, all you have to do in order to sell bazillions of books is to pick out 30 or so great scripts. I'll say it again - that's pretty easy, because your husband was Paul Rhymer. He wrote the best radio show ever.

That book came out in 1972 when there was very, very little information about the show floating around. Here it is, 43 years later and we many scripts at our beck and call - just like Mary Frances Rhymer did. Except she had anything and everything to choose from - thousands more than we have.

So, you sit down and you start choosing scripts to put into a book. Certainly while reading these scripts you must be thinking - I'm going to choose the very best of these! Right?

How in then world do you put 35-01-01 New Year's Day - Rush Has Three Jobs in there? It's not horrible, but it's not special. Half of the book is like that.  Quaint.  Rhymeresque.  Some are very different than what we are used to.  But are they the 30 scripts that tell you what kind of a radio show we all love?  Are they 30 of the best scripts?

The fact is, there really are some wonderful scripts in her book.  But what makes you squash your eyebrows is where are all the scripts that should be there and aren't?  Did whoever choose the scripts ever listen to the show?

The coal heap that killed Billy you-know-who

39-08-25 Two Tons of Coal #3: Is Sade 'out to get' the boys?

Monday, January 5, 2015

An interview with Paul Ford

JIMBO - Mr. Ford, thank you so much for doing the interview.  Please tell us a bit about yourself and your website.

PAUL - I’m a writer and programmer who lives in Brooklyn. I have a number of websites, and a few more on the way. Right now I do most of my writing for Medium at and various other publications online and off.

JIMBO - How old were you when you found old-time radio and what were some of the shows you enjoyed?

PAUL - I grew up Philadelphia, and they used to play them on the radio—I can’t remember which station. I was about ten or eleven years old, and this was in the mid-1980s. I particularly remember The Shadow, and Fibber McGee and Molly. As a kid I liked the way that they were very well-written and acted, but also a little goofy and very accessible. You could do the voices yourself.

JIMBO - Tell us about how you discovered 'Vic and Sade'?  What were your first thoughts about the show?

PAUL - Vic and Sade is interesting because if you're interested in historical audio everyone talks about how big a show it was, and how weird it is that it's now mostly forgotten and doesn't make much sense to modern ears. So after I'd read about Vic and Sade for years, and about how important it was, I finally figured I needed to hear for myself. I went poking around online--this was a couple years ago--and I was taken aback by how deep the characters were, the way that their world was fully fleshed out with friendships, hobbies, annoying habits, and the like.

JIMBO - Tell us some of your favorite Vic and Sade episodes you've come across.

PAUL - Anything involving the Drowsy Venus Chapter of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way cracks me up. I'm just a sucker for that world of lodges and societies and appreciate the way that Rhymer made it both affectionate and ridiculous, and also the sheer amount of paraphernalia that is involved with Vic's membership--all the elements of costume, the heavy books and so forth. It's very consistent and very funny.

JIMBO - Which character is your favorite and why?

PAUL - It's such an ensemble show, but I'll go ahead and say Vic, as portrayed by Art Van Harvey, for the way he veers between kindness and crabbiness, and the fact that he gives in to his enthusiasms so easily. He's key to the show for me because he really is a stabilizing, moderating influence (except of course when he's not) and he seems to enjoy himself so much at the same time.

JIMBO - Being the software guy that you are, I have to ask... what do you think about how I've used Google's 'Blogger' to preserve 'Vic and Sade'?

PAUL - Love it! So glad to see this blog. One good thing about Blogger is it's likely to be around for a long time.

JIMBO - What are your impressions of writer Paul Rhymer and the fact we probably will only see and hear perhaps only 30-35% of his work?

PAUL - He was such a subtle writer. He had to work fast, and he came up with a little world of Vic and Sade and just kind of kept coming back to it, day after day. Which is an incredible task!

JIMBO - You've already eloquently demonstrated in your piece, "Lesson", that Rhymer can send multiple messages to several generations with his very simple Midwestern chit-chat.  Would you explore this more deeply?

PAUL - People should just listen to the shows and make up their own minds. Besides, I think Jean Shepherd really nailed down why Rhymer matters in his foreword to the collected plays at

JIMBO - How do you think Rhymer stacks up against other American writers of his era?

PAUL - I'll nod again to Jean Shepherd; can't improve on his take: "Another thing that amazes me is Rhymer's wild and subtle imagination. Wild in the sense of being totally unpredictable, and subtle in that he touched at times on the faint vein of madness that run through all of us."

JIMBO - Anything I should have asked and didn't?  Any last words?

PAUL - I can’t think of anything! Thank you so much for checking in; it was my privilege.

Is it warm enough to go swimming?

35-05-24 Local Lodge Leader Takes First Dip used to be what I thought was a pretty useless episode.  That is, the notes for it were sparse and there was little revealing info. 

But having the script for the episode changes everything.  I am able to pour over tiny details (for instance, I found 3 new 'nicknames for Rush' that we didn't have.)  Lots of other stuff too.  The script is almost as good as having the audio.

This episode is an important one for Vic R. Gook fans.
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