Thursday, September 3, 2015

TRAIN! Run, YY, run!

Did you know that we are certain that YY Flirch was hit by at least 3 fast passenger trains.  We know this from scripts and existing audio episodes. That is, roughly 20% of the episodes.

Is it possible that Flirch was hit an additional 10 to 12+ times?  It is very possible.

Bill Idelson remarked in an audio interview that Flirch was "always getting hit with fast passenger trains."

This is one of the many plots/subplots that permeate the show, like Sade's muddled money or Vic trying to sneak in a cowboy hat or letters from Bess, etc.  It just so happens that Flirch getting hit by trains is only a small part of the episodes we have.

You ever wonder what kind of jobs Hank Gutstop got along the way that we don't know about?  Zookeeper, anyone?

Another thing: we already knew from scripts and script pieces that Mis' Donahue had a SMALL/YOUNG daughter in the 1930's.  I was reminded of this because she was mentioned in the script I uploaded earlier today.  Where did she go?

If you can think of other questions without an answer, pleease leave a comment or drop me a line.

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