Friday, January 30, 2015

More time

Undershirt, JJJJ Stunbolt, always shovin' themselves into everything, head shaped like a banana, Razorscum, 'til who laid the chunk, throw your shoes over the People's Bank building, Golfbake, gravels, Brainfeeble, Dirtshirt, Kneesuffer, Walter, slippery as an owl, Claysnort, Kidneyslide, Dejectedly, Boo Boo, dentists, violins, pianos, Hunkermanlystoverdelmogintoshfer, portrait, fifty centses don't grow on trees, calistoker, drummed out, barefoot, lawn mower, thunderstorm, got his lil' sack, Royal Throne, Little Tiny Petite, big old monstrous, Caribbean flute, Homer Heck, boxing department, Dr. Sleetch, Number 7 is a bicycle, parcel post to Detroit Michigan, average American citizen, I'll have a haircut and a baloney sandwich, Hank Gutstop, Hermie Wermie, Dirty and Bertie

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