Friday, February 28, 2014

Official Host job lost... what a bummer!

Thanks again to Lydia Crowe!  I love reading these "NEW" scripts.  They jump out at you like solid, pure, crisp audio, don't they??

Here's Mis' Crowe's commentary and the script for Official Host, the classic.  MORE COMING!  Enjoy them.

Another Mis' Crowe addition

See her excellent commentary about Congress and the Supreme Court, as well as the script.

Also, are you aware the audio on that episode (available exclusively at the Crazy World) is way, way, way better than any other existing audio of that episode?  You can download it at the bottom of the post.

Welcome to Lydia Crowe

I am proud to announce that Lydia Crowe has agreed to allow The Crazy World of Vic and Sade to use her current show commentaries and we hope she will contribute more commentaries in the future.  These too will be featured on the Crazy World.

Best of all, Mis' Crowe is taking the audio episodes that have no scripts and is transcribing them into scripts.  Again, she has graciously allowed us to use her hard work.

Over the next week or so, I will be combining her work with ours.  I will alert you to these on this site.

Recent fixes to the site

Fixed this script  It had some bugs
Fixed this audio (Writing/Letter to Walter) (the link was broken)
Added Lydia Crowe commentary and a new script to Decoration Day Parade
Added Lydia Crowe commentary and a new script to Sade's Trip to Dwight

What if the audio episodes were transcribed?

What if the audio episodes were transcribed? What if there existed, more written commentary to each episode?

That would be awesome, wouldn't it?

Well, welcome to reality.

More... soon.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Serve me some Bacon Sandwiches?

Every now and then, you change your mind or people sway you in a different direction.  Every now and then, you'll hear a Vic and Sade episode and you wonder, wow, how did I not see/hear/feel this the first/last time I sat down with this episode.

Bacon Sandwiches is such an episode.  Yes, I have always caught the dark, dark humor in this episode.  Yes, it may be in the top 2-3 most-bizarre Vic and Sade episodes (but probably not near as bizarre as this one).

I am writing to ask for your help.  Look, I know you guys aren't up to writing a piece about the series.  But how would you feel about ONE simple sentence about the episode Bacon Sandwiches?  Tell us how you feel about the episode.  Send me an email (easily found on The Crazy World of Vic and Sade) or leave a message here.  Send me a telegram... anything!

I'm looking forward to your contribution!
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