Thursday, October 1, 2015

Scanner troubles, other junk

Every now and then, the power cord comes out of the scanner and then I experience a load of problems.  This just happened the other day.  It is a very difficult problem for me, one, because I don't see very well and two, it's just exhausting and frustrating.  I will keep trying and eventually, it will work.  It may take a couple of more days but I hope not.   It seems like everything is set right and then I try it and it doesn't work.  Scream time!!

Also, I know people who love me to death and love Vic and Sade even more and yet cannot STAND my little Vic and Sade songs done on a vocoder of all things.  Yes, these were all written by me and they are just silly little songs and I KNOW you people hate them.  I'm sorry you hate them.  The vocoder was never made to have people singing entire songs in them and if they were, you'd expect some more musical accompaniment, right?

Don't hate me.  Please don't hate me. I bet Mr. Rhymer would laugh at me - you should too.
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