Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just a few more... please add to this!

sloppiness!, What you doin' answerin' the lame brain telephone? wheels within wheels, Sick River Junction, I recognize the oblong head Sade, depending upon your skill as a catcher, Choke Choke, butter patties, Zero Zinnias, little Charlie Husher, Mis' Harris, Josephine Gumpox, coal, Carberry, Euncie, What's her bein' colorblind have to do with her not bein' able to play the piano?, gettin' too chummy, likes the sensation, Enthusiam is contageous, thinkin' thoughts, Pittsburgh Colorado, dun from Kleeburgers, Director of Inmates, stuff happens, sleeve garters, rotten rotten rotten, Groceries? You, Irving?, Son of a gun's gotta rabbit!

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