Monday, December 28, 2015

Browkaw Hospital

Hey everyone, I'm still alive.

My scanner still isn't working but I hope to try again very soon.  Meanwhile, I do have a couple of things for you:

In the episode, 32-07-28 Vic Is Asked To Be A Mannequin, there is reference to a Brokaw Hospital.  It never occurred to me, until today, to look that up but when I did, I was totally surprised at what I found.  Check it out.

Also, there will be a special two part podcast that will be released sometime in the next week hopefully, highlighting the nine best-sound episodes of Vic and Sade with commentary by PQ Ribber and yours truly.  There is also going to be a (probable) weekly podcast about Vic and Sade where various episodes will be discussed.  We probably won't go through the entire series or anything like that, but certain episodes will be discussed until we choke Billy Patterson.  Stay tuned for information.

Have a safe holiday time.

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