Friday, January 30, 2015

The five minute word association that choked Billy Patterson

Barbers, hats, cornets, Russell Honey, shoe laces, watch fobs, Christmas cards, boring letters, lodge rituals, Robert and Slobert, garbage wagon, porch swings, baseball, boiling beef, brick mush, indoor horseshoes, telephone's ringin', Mis' Applerot, Mr. Chinbunny, Bluetooth, rummy, maple ice cream, salted peanuts, warm lemonade, Howard, Bright Kentucky, free cole slaw coupon, postal card from Sunday School teacher, Uncle Strap, Rotten Davis, Bijou, The Greek's, weighing yourself, yellow envelope, R.J. Konk, dog gone the dog gone luck, fat men playin' handball, Plant 14, Tatman's vacant lot, underwear section, Nicer Scott, inventors, he didn't have any more job than a rabbit, I was impressed as a horse, You have an alarm clock record that is absolutely spotless, that choked Billy Patterson

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