Thursday, March 23, 2017

Your chance to talk about Vic and Sade

Hi everyone!

I have plans in April to produce a podcast about Vic and Sade. I'm not talking about a "Vic and Sadecast" but rather a show where I gather several audio opinions about the show and edit them into one program.

What I'd like to happen is to have you folks send me an audio file (of any length) where you talk about your feelings about the show, the actors, Paul Rhymer, it's effects, etc. If you wish, you can send the file to me and you will remain anonymous - just let me know when you send the file.

Please help me out! The deadline for this is April 28, 2017. You can send your contributions or inquiries to


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rush Brings in Rooster's Pants for Mending - read by the Duckert Family

The Duckert family (patrons of The Crazy World of Vic and Sade website) have graciously lent a hand and read one of Jimbo's favorite scripts: "Rush Brings in Rooster's Pants for Mending". Bundle up with a coffee or a hot cocoa and listen along to a family that enjoys "Vic and Sade".

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