Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Brand New Crazy World of Vic and Sade?

Do you ever make mistakes and think, "I'd just like to start over"?

Well, that's me.  When I began the main Vic and Sade website, I had little knowledge of the show or characters.  I had only listened to 15 or 20 shows total when I began this endeavor.  Yes, you read that correctly.

At that time I began, I had no idea that notes from others existed.  I had no idea scripts existed.  These things would eventually marry with what I had found.  Before the marriage however, I created a messy problem in that many of the characters have names in the "database" that are misspelled differently than Mr. Rhymer spelled them.  In order to keep things together (so they could be found together) I CONTINUED to misspell them.  It sounds like a dumb idea now but it didn't then.  Not only that, but all I had to go on (early on) was the audio and so the audio stuff is defined at times in the main website as the DEFINITIVE WORK of Rhymer.  You will find things like, "This is the first time Dr. Keevey is mentioned" when in fact, he may have been mentioned in an earlier script (that I now have) that I didn't have at the time.

That's the cruelty of having done the site the way I did:
  • Newcomer hears program - begins documenting what he hears after about 20 episodes.
  • Newcomer doesn't know about notes or scripts. 
  • I later find some scripts. 
  • I later find more scripts. 
  • I later am blessed with a myriad of notes from people doing the same thing I am doing. 
  • I am later blessed with many, many more notes and many scripts that I didn't even know existed. 
  • Meanwhile, all this time has passed and I learn more and more about the show - my opinions and viewpoints change over time, as well as my knowledge of the facts, some which I had already documented as FACTS.
So what remains is a mess.  I never intended to have a mess, but...

So, forgive me.  I will try to continue to clean up the mess.  In doing so, some episode material in the website will change.

In a perfect world, I can imagine taking all of the material (when I am finished) and making a completely new website, free of these problems I have created.  We shall see what happens.

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