Friday, September 18, 2015

Prepare to be confused

I found two 1944 episodes this morning with the exact same title, yet very different episodes.  It seems Barbara Schwarz, who was responsible for most of the titles as we know them, made a tiny mistake. I had also overlooked this mistake for about three years.

Just looking at the titles, one would never know that weren't the same (or a re-used/re-worked script).  One episode was 44-04-06 Sade Plays Rummy and the other was 44-07-04 Sade Plays Rummy.  The earlier episode involved Sade all set up to play rummy, but failing to do so.  That episode does sound amazingly like the latter episode (audio exists of that episode).

However, the earlier episode has Russell getting a motorcycle and there's talk of his bank account and yada yada yada.  Therefore, I have changed the name of the earlier episode to 44-04-06 Sade Rummy/Russell's Motorcycle.

If there could be anything more dangerous than Russell with a motorcycle, I wouldn't know what it would be. Well, maybe Vic with a motorcycle!


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