Saturday, February 28, 2015

''The cleverest and most original of the lot''

Radio was Our Home Entertainment
THIS OLD TOWN: Radio was our home entertainment
THIS OLD TOWN: Radio was our home entertainment
THIS OLD TOWN: Radio was our home entertainment
THIS OLD TOWN: Radio was our home entertainment

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Listen to Marc Rose from Fuse Box give us his background and some exciting news!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson

Did you know that Bluetooth also shares his nickname with a famous king of Scandinavia, Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson? Historians’ most widely-accepted theory on how King Harald got his name line up with Sarah Cole’s theory about Bluetooth Johnson: they literally had a blue tooth. Dentistry wasn’t so great in either the Great Depression or medieval Europe, and between boyish hijinks and Viking battles, I’m sure both had the opportunities to injure their teeth often.  -- Mis' Crowe

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Bluetooth Got His Nickname

Before there was Bluetooth, there was… Blue tooth!

Several years ago, a splendid book was published, which was a reaction to the overprotective culture that the authors saw as stifling the healthy development of the masculine character.  It was called The Dangerous Book for Boys (Iggulden, Conn, and Hal Iggulden. 2007. New York: Collins. )   The book includes stories of historical adventure, instructions for using tools and devices that may be – well, sharp – and directions for doing things that, a generation earlier, had been common activities for young men.  A desire to keep children safe is understandable, but, at the same time, it is by experience that a child learns how to assess uncertain situations so they can make the risky decisions of adulthood.  Eagles forbidden from jumping out of the eyrie will never learn to fly.  And a leap into the unknown can sometimes lead to bruises.

Most of Rush Gook’s friends have nicknames based on some physical characteristic.  Rooster Davis, presumably, reminds innocent bystanders of a rooster.  Smelly Clark – well, that name speaks for itself.  And then there’s Bluetooth Johnson.  These days, the lad could have a cellphone receiver attached to his ear, but, in the 1930s and 40s, it’s most likely that he had a blue tooth.  Although the name may date from some noteworthy incident with blueberry pie, or an unfortunate reaction to medicine in childhood, it’s most likely that he had a bruised tooth.  After long consultation with a dental hygienist, she confirmed something my mother had always said about this nickname: that a tooth can be injured in such a way that blood gets in it, and it eventually turns blue or black.   In these days of sophisticated tooth care techniques and insurance, such dental discolorations are easily hidden with a cap.  During the Depression, when a nickel phosphate at the Candy Kitchen was a luxury, a tooth abnormality that was merely cosmetic would simply have to be borne.  So Bluetooth did bear it: in both his mouth and his moniker.

A regular event in the 'Vic and Sade' episodes was for Rush to receive a call from Bluetooth.  If Vic was in the scene, he would rattle off a list of cliches, descriptive of Blue tooth’s excellent character and sturdy young manhood.  Although Vic was joking, he was right. Bluetooth did appear to be a friend Rush could rely on, and one who wasn’t afraid to face the risks of life.  After all, he could never nave injured his jaw sitting around merely reading Third Lieutenant Stanley stories.  He made his own adventures, along with the other boys who waited under the streetlight on the corner.  His blue badge of distinction was proof he didn’t need any Dangerous Books to show him how to take a risk, and triumph.  -- Sarah Cole

I've got troubles (((audio)))


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just a few more... please add to this!

sloppiness!, What you doin' answerin' the lame brain telephone? wheels within wheels, Sick River Junction, I recognize the oblong head Sade, depending upon your skill as a catcher, Choke Choke, butter patties, Zero Zinnias, little Charlie Husher, Mis' Harris, Josephine Gumpox, coal, Carberry, Euncie, What's her bein' colorblind have to do with her not bein' able to play the piano?, gettin' too chummy, likes the sensation, Enthusiam is contageous, thinkin' thoughts, Pittsburgh Colorado, dun from Kleeburgers, Director of Inmates, stuff happens, sleeve garters, rotten rotten rotten, Groceries? You, Irving?, Son of a gun's gotta rabbit!

More time, another day

Dove-hiney, scream like a panther, Victor one Rush nothing, All-beef, Fine!, Frater salute!, Panther's Blood, meat's not done, Bluetooth I says ''You're crazy'', telephone man who worked for the telephone company who was up the telephone pole fixing telephone wires, spool of white thread #50, Step up and call me 'George', Who tore my ritual?, a raise in pay, I'll bet you wouldn't climb in a barrel of Bibles an' say that, Hank Gutstop is healthy, Gimmee a kiss..., You could'a knocked me over with a feather,  In the living room are they?, Several trained nurses are comin' by fast automobile, Oh ish, Catch the angle?, makes you look like a peeled onion, a door stop weighing 440 pounds, Well Sir.
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