Sunday, August 30, 2015

I'm back on September 1st!

Let's make it official: September 1st will begin a new push here.  I've psyched myself up and am getting ready to go for a new round of updates. Hopefully, this new push will finish up this group of {new} scripts and script pieces.  Also, I plan to incorporate the many transcribed pieces from Mis' Crowe, as I have fallen behind on those as well.

It's fun to get re-hyped; I almost feel like I am starting over - and trust me, that's a good thing.  This "energy" is something I am known for - so let's do it!

By the way, I am a person who has no tattoos.  I tell you this because I am seriously thinking about getting a Vic, Sade, Rush and Uncle Fletcher tattoo on my arm(s).  I don't know if this will ever happen but I have been seriously thinking about this.  Haha.  We'll see.

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