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Who are the most popular characters on Vic and Sade? (as of September 2017)

According to the statistics on my Vic and Sade Character website, it's not at all shocking to find that all five family members outpace all other characters, easily.

Uncle Fletcher has twice as many views as anyone else.  Then comes Rush, followed closely by Vic.  Russell is next and not too far from Vic, actually.  Sade brings up the rear but isn't too far behind Russell.

Among the non-Gooks, the easy winner is the Brick Mush Man.  Blue Tooth Johnson is next, closely followed by Raymond Belcher Beirman of all people!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) updated

I have updated the FAQ on the Crazy World of Vic and Sade site.
  • Some of the stuff there has been re-written as it was written poorly (and I suggest it probably still is, haha).  But I did try and make it better.
  • I linked every single name in the "fan" section to Wikipedia, except Jack Foster.  I could find no bio of him anywhere.
  • I added some info about the 2 talking characters on the show (other than Vic, Sade and Rush) who we know of before the arrival of Uncle Fletcher.
  • I added some info about the dreadful television program, but mostly advised people to not even bother with it.
I could probably add 100 other topics to the FAQ easily, but what?  Your input is desired.

Mr. Sludge Grows a Mustache podcast

 Mr. Sludge Grows a Mustache podcast

You'd be unwise to softly slumber
Where Vic and Rush have you outnumbered

Sade seems to know their game
But Vic and Rush have each other to blame

'Shambles Constant' makes a sneaky visit to the podcast.  Lasts about 20 minutes... great fun for a Saturday!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Vic and Sadecast 034 – Sade Shows Razorscum Album

Oblong heads!

Ten Thousand Washrags

I once heard that Jean Shepherd had written some kind of fantasy story or script involving Sade and washrags.  I have never seen or heard the story.  But it did inspire me to write this four years ago - and this week, I've touched it up a bit. 

I once had a Vic and Sade fantasy site and this was there.  I hope you enjoy it.

Ten Thousand Washrags
 - by Jimbo

Announcer:  Well sir, it's late afternoon now at the small house halfway up the next block now and we see here in the living room, young Mister Rush Gook, sprawled on the floor and within arms' length of an algebra book; he's toying with the rubber end of his yellow pencil and  looking at it with wonder and a delightful puzzlement.  He immediately stops this activity when he hears the slamming of the back door and the call of his name...

SADE:  [from the kitchen, excited]  Willie?  Son?  You home?

RUSH:  [yelling to the kitchen] Yeah!  In here.

SADE:  [approaching, out of breath]   Your father's not too far behind me.  He stopped to talk to Ike Kneesuffer.

RUSH:  Prob'ly talkin' about fuels and combustion.

SADE:  Combustion?

RUSH:  Yeah.  Ya know, mixin' fuels for cars.  Crazy why they'd wanna blow themselves up like that; bet we're gonna find little bitty pieces of Mr. Kneesuffer and Gov all over Virginia Aven...

SADE:  Guess what?

RUSH:  Um.

SADE:  Guess what I got in the mail today?

RUSH:  Uhh... Big blue envelope from lodge headquarters?

SADE:  Ish.  No, and can't tell you now anyway.  I will wait until your father gets in here.  Where is he?

RUSH:  Out talkin' about combustion fuels, most probably.  Say mom, um, did you get a blonde wig?

SADE:  [beside herself] A blonde wig?  [giggles] Heavens no.

RUSH:  But,  you're excited, mom...

SADE:  Yes!

RUSH: [laughs]  If It's not a wig...

SADE:  Well, I'll tell you this much... I have a chance to receive ten thousand washrags!

RUSH: [astonished] Gosh!  Ten thousand washrags? [laughs]

SADE: And all it will cost me is ten washrags.

RUSH: Ha!  If you say so.  You and the other Thimble Club ladies gonna wear gorilla masks and  knock over Yamilton's on a ravagin' washrag spree, promiscuous...

[back door slams]

SADE: [excited] Oh there he is!

VIC:  [from in the kitchen] Hi duh hi, ho duh ho.... did a woman, thinly veiled and greatly agitated come through here, gyrating her way around my library table, asking for Mister Victor R. Gook?

RUSH:  Gov's in high spirits.   [to Vic] Hello!

VIC:  Is that daddy's little boy?  Of course I am in high spirits.  I have a fine son, a woman who loves me and...

SADE:  Guess what, Vic?

VIC:  You've been arrested and I must raise the bail by selling Margaret's Third Lieutenant Stanley book collection?  [laughs]

RUSH:  Ya better not.  I haven't yet finished, "Third Lieutenant Stanley and the Counterfeiting Counterfeiters" yet.

VIC:  Counterfeiting Counterfeiters?  Hand me that newspaper, Ralph.

RUSH:  Yep, there's a lot of counterfeiting going on in that one.  Ya see, Third Lieut...

SADE: Vic, I got a chance to receive ten thousand washrags!

VIC: [slowly/astonished] Hi-duh-hi, ho-dee-ho.  That's considerable washrags.  [normal] Is Ceilia here so dirty that you have to abscond with Yamilton's entire washrag collection?

SADE: See, I received this letter in the mail today.  It's here somewhere... Willie, go check and see if it's on top of the bureau for me.

RUSH:  Okay.

SADE:  It's a large, pale-green envelope.

RUSH:  Okay.


SADE:  [to Rush] See it?

RUSH:  [away] Uh huh.

SADE:  [excited] Imagine, ten thousand washrags!

VIC: [Yawns]  Yeah.  You got a spot for 'em?

RUSH:  [entering] Here you go.

SADE:  Just listen to this.  Vic, put your newspaper aside.

VIC:  I'm listenin'.

SADE:  I see where you have an article there where you can see it.  Put the newspaper on the floor.

VIC: [laughs]  Gosh, kiddo...

SADE:  [to Rush]  You got studying to do?

RUSH:  Yeah but...

SADE:  [sternly]  Study.

RUSH:  Um.

SADE:  Well, listen to this first, then study.

RUSH:  Can't I just study?

SADE:  No, listen to this first.

RUSH:  Um.

SADE:  Okay, everybody ready? 


SADE:  [sternly] Vic, put that newspaper on the floor!

VIC:  [whining] Gosh...

SADE: Getting you boys to pay attention is like pulling rice.  You're both so stubborn.  Stubborn as a fox.

VIC and RUSH:  Um.

SADE:  [Reading] Dear Friend, Wasn't it the poet Percy By... Shelley who said, I met a traveller from an antique land who said... ummm... Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desart...

RUSH: [Quietly to Vic]  I learned that in the 7th grade.

VIC:  [Quietly to Rush]  Whoopee.

SADE: You two gonna listen?

VIC and RUSH:  Um.

SADE:  Anyway, gonna skip that poem stuff... [Reading] A friend has sent you this letter and washrag [to Vic]  See, here's the washrag...

VIC and RUSH:  Um.

SADE: [Reading] And we would like to put you in line to receive as many as ten thousand washrags.  All you need to do is send one washrag to 10 friends along with a copy of this same letter...

RUSH: Mom...

SADE: Don't interupt.

Mom.  Wait.

SADE: [upset] What's all this now?

RUSH:  Sorry mom, but Gov, isn't this like a chain letter?

VIC:  Nope.  It's not like a chain letter, it is a chain letter.

RUSH: [laughs]

SADE: Oh, come on...

VIC:  Well, you can do what you want Doctor Sleech, but this letter you have received smells a bit like mail fraud.

SADE:  [astonished]  Mail fraud?

VIC:  There's a very stiff penalty for such actions, Sadie...

RUSH:  My mom, the wire-criminal!

SADE:  [to Rush] Study!

RUSH:  Um.

SADE:  Vic, I'm not really in any trouble, am I?

VIC:  Well, no.  All you did is receive a letter.  You didn't mail off any washrags or benefit in any way...  except you did get a wash rag and you had thoughts of sending out ten crisp letters to your unsuspecting friends, I gather?

SADE:  Well, yes, until I realized that this is...

VIC:  Well, technically, that's suspicion and a conspiracy to commit mail fraud, isn't it?

SADE: I...

RUSH:  Sounds like it to me, Gov.  [laughs]

SADE:  [to Rush] Study!  [to Vic]  What should I do?

VIC:  Nothin'.

SADE:  Nothin'?

VIC:  Nothin'.  Kiddo, stuff like this prob'ly happens a hundred times just in this city alone.  Every day.  Or every other day at least. Some people, the more uninformed person, falls for it and some people, the ummm... more informed person, don't.

SADE:  So, you sayin' I'm uneducated?

VIC:  Well... ummm, no.  All I'm sayin' is...

RUSH:  Mom got duped.

VIC: You hit the nail on the head, Buttercup.

SADE:  [to Rush]!  I'm going upstairs.  I had some washrags set out that I have put back.

[sound of Sade going up the stairs]

RUSH:  Gov, you ever fall for a chain letter?

VIC:  Sure.  'Twas a cigar chain letter it 'twas.  I had stogies comin' out of every pocket in my suit and shirt!  I smoked and smoked and smoked and smoked, until I couldn't smoke any-THE- more.

RUSH:  Ridiculous.

VIC:  Preposterous.

RUSH:  Absurd.

VIC:  Ludicrous.

RUSH:  Uhhh...

VIC:  Laughable, comical, asinine...

RUSH:  Stupid.

VIC:  Insipid.

RUSH:  Unwise. 

VIC:  Irrational.

RUSH: Yeah.

VIC:  [coughs]  Ten thousand washrags.  My, my. [chuckles]

RUSH:  [chuckles]

VIC:  [Laughs]

RUSH:  [Laughs]

ANNOUNCER: And this will include our short trip to that small house halfway up the next block.

Monday, September 25, 2017

A daily Vic and Sadecast?

I've decided this mucking around and avoiding the Vic and Sadecast is just plain lazy of me and it's time to get back to work.  As as matter of fact, I have enlisted some Vic and Sade fans (and you could be one of them) to help me.  I am hoping to do a Vic and Sadecast everyday until Series One is finished.  The podcast will be a lot like the other Vic and Sadecasts we've done in the past, where we play an episode and then talk about it.

It won't just be me doing this.  I have at least 2 others who are going to do shows when they wish.  And if you want to do some shows, I really wish you would volunteer to help out.  It's really a matter of how much I would love to hear your opinions more than it is "helping me out".  I really want to hear what you have to say and so does everyone else.

The shows could start as early as tomorrow but more on that later!

Please email me (my address can be found at the Crazy World of Vic and Sade website, on the left-hand side) if you would like to be involved.  There are certain folks I really wish would step up because the insight you could provide would mean a lot to the fandom.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

A few new Vic and Sade media posts

1933's Northwestern Chronicle - a review from Variety

As impossible it seems to be, I've found a review of a comedy radio series from 1933 that was written by Vic and Sade author, Paul Rhymer.  This wasn't some fly-by-night radio program, but one with a sponsor and a 52-week contract.  According to Variety magazine, Bernardine Flynn and Billy Barth had the leads.  Everything points to it being a likeable show.  And Rhymer draws praise and a prediction, perhaps, for greatness.

I can find no information about this series in any of the radio encyclopedias, but surely no one doubts the word of Variety magazine from that same era.  It's been mentioned in a couple of the other media we have (check NORTHWESTERN CHRONICLE), however, it never struck me until now that this was a radio program and certainly not one of such notoriety at the time.

Also of note, Jess Pugh was on the show.  He played the policeman (and other parts) in the 1946 Series 3 Vic and Sade.

New episode positively identified, with date

See: 42-12-23 Sade Needs Glasses

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I may have mentioned something about this before but I'm not sure I was certain but I'm fairly certain now: each member of the cast (when healthy) worked 11 months a year and were given a whole month off - at once.  When I have declaration of this from the media, I have noted these times on the right hand side of the Crazy World blog.  It's interesting to note these as you listen to the show in order.

Time, the internet and Vic and Sade

I'm not sure how many of you know this, but I am physically disabled.  This disability has given me time to research.  The internet has given me the ability to research without leaving my house.  I really enjoy Vic and Sade and have a natural curiosity about all the holes in the show that we know nothing about.

Put those things together and you can see that I have spent a great deal of time looking into all things Vic and Sade.

I don't tell you this to brag but I have found the answers to dozens of previously unanswered questions about the show.  Most of the answers have come from newspaper and magazine articles which I have found over the years that somehow Barbara Schwartz and The Friends of Vic and Sade were unable to discover.

One of the things constantly updated is the FAQ and it's section about famous fans of the show.  I remember the list being at about 10 when I first found the show.  I haven't counted, but I must have a list of at least 50 famous people now.  I like to think that means since I started these websites and began this research that the Vic and Sade information has quintupled.  That's a pretty cool thought!

I still am in awe and appreciation of all of you who have written articles, provided audio, sent me pieces of information, added comments to the sites, have done interviews with me... every piece has counted.

Every time I think - that's it - there can't be any new information - well, that's when I find a whole new stash of things.  The next stash may never come, but it probably will.

Uncle Fletcher and waffles!

According to the book "The Mouse that Roared", Daws Butler used an Uncle Fletcher-type voice for this Aunt Jemima commercial, circa 1970s:
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