Friday, January 30, 2015

Five more minutes

Hit by a fast passenger train, YY Flirch, telephoning long distance promiscuous, East Brain, armed guard for the Home for the Tall, Funk's Grove, Dizzy Dean, Link, Rooster, fruit jars, stripped, Four-fisted, Chicago, Volume VII, fish dinner, Dismal Seepage, Grovleman South Carolina, Rishigan Fishigan from Sishigan Michigan, went into the powdered rabbit business, heavily veiled and greatly agitated, my overalls are wrinkled, Gov, little daily love story, Greek junk, pickled watermelon, lah dee dah, Mis' Donahue, Ruthie, Fred, Lolita di Rienzi, BB Baugh, Western side of Lester, Sweet Esther, later died, Burglars?

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