Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Things to think - and write about

Below are some things to think about.  Maybe these will spark your own perspective and perhaps you will write about it.  Sharing the piece with us here would make us all happy; there are few things better than a new perspective on Vic and Sade.

* Why would Paul Rhymer write a script about Mr. Gumpox getting a mail order bride and then basically abandon this situation?  Considering how good the continuity of the show is, why would he take this route?  Do you think we are missing an episode(s) where there is trouble of some sort or the other?

* The relationship between Rush and Vic is very special and when the two are alone, it can sometimes be quite tender.  How real are these moments to you?

* David Whitehouse (as Russell) really gets shafted by the fans and by the written material about the show that exists today.  If you don't like the Russell character, why not?  If you feel like Russell gets the short end of the stick, let's hear about it.

* It would be lots of fun to read character analysis of people like Mr. Gumpox, the Brick Mush man, Mis' Appelrot, Aunt Bess, Euncie, Hank Gutstop, Mr. Sludge, Lolita di Rienzi and anyone else.  You have a lot of material at your fingertips but your own conjecture would make things much more fun.  Come on, Mr. Gumpox is really interesting when you think about him.  Add a little magic to what we know and you'd have a very appealing article.

* Were the movies at the Bijou really that great or was it the fact that you could sit in there all day in air-conditioned comfort?  See your friends?  See girls?!  Get a soda pop and some popcorn?  Or was the romance of Gloria Golden and Frank Fuddleman really that exciting?

* Why did Bess and Walter never visit the Gooks?

And anything else you can think of.  Go for it. 

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