Friday, September 11, 2015

More problems

I do not like problems.  Like Vic, I enjoy apple pie order.  It's unfortunate, but things do not always work the way you intend them to.

This morning, I went through the rest of the scripts to see where I am.  I forgot to count them but there must be 25-35 scripts or so left.  There are a few pages missing from a few "full" scripts.  I am guessing this was my fault and no, I have no idea how or why.  There may be as many as 5 script affected.  I realize this is bad news but no one feels worse about it than me.  I cannot say for sure that I was given every page, but I'm going to assume so.  I'm just going to put it on myself.  I am totally sorry about this.

That aside, I was fooling around today and didn't post anything.  I will try and continue making progress tomorrow.  If not for the fact that I clean these scripts up, it would be a lot easier; but doing so adds a great deal to the messy scripts, I feel.


  1. If all else fails, post them anyway. It may be that a few of us old timey FOVS fans might have a complete copy. Barb Schwarts sent out several mailings of photocopies scripts. Once in awhile I'd get one that was missing pages, had two pages photocopied twice, or some such. It only happened once or twice, and she sent me corrected copies. Just one person doing all that work using '80s technology--her dedication was amazing.

  2. Hi Brent,
    Oh, I will certainly post them. However, I KNOW they must be around somewhere. It's quite possible they are mixed up with the remaining scripts and I will find them eventually.

    No doubt Mis' Schwarz was a very dedicated fan. It's too bad she's not around these days to give me a hand. :)


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