Sunday, December 29, 2013

Questions people should ask me but never do #5

Q.  What do you do when you aren't thinking about Vic and Sade?

A.  I used to tend to many other blogs; I still do stuff on them, but my attention is mostly on V&S.  If I run across something important, I post it at the appropriate blog.

Otherwise, I watch TV now.  Yeah, I broke down and went all TV on everybody.  Mostly, I watch the old shows.  I love 'Ozzie and Harriet', for example.  And 'Sea Hunt'.  All those type of shows -- also, the British 'Avengers' (I love to watch Emma Peel!)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Questions people should ask me but never do #4

Q. How did you find Vic and Sade?

A. When I was much more active on my OTRr Buffet blog, I was always looking to listen to new and unusual shows.  I was in the habit of grabbing 4 or 5 of a new show and listening to them, to find out if they were something I might be interested in listening to, and just maybe I could also write about the show for the blog.

Vic and Sade was "just another show" when I picked it, although I had read somewhere beforehand that it was a funny show.

Most of you have read or heard this:  I didn't quite like/understand the show right at the beginning.  Vic was hard to understand and where were the jokes and puns??

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Questions people should ask me but never do #3

Q.  Where on earth do you find all of these news articles about the show?  Before you showed up, I assumed there were only 20 or so written pieces about the show.

A.  This probably goes without saying, but it takes hours and hours of combing through newspapers and magazines -- but mostly magazines.  The newspaper articles are pretty well indexed and so finding those wasn't hard.  The magazine articles are a totally different story.  Some are indexed (like the large, major stories about the show) but tidbits about the show are only found by reading the magazine.

My guess is there are 1000 radio magazines to read.  I've probably read 950 of them.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Questions people should ask me but never do #2

Q. Are you obsessed with Vic and Sade?

A. Some people might say so, but I prefer to look at it as being thorough.  I have found a lot of stuff -- let's say about 90% or more than any other Vic and Sade website - and I constantly am trying to think of other ways to add to the bonanza, including trying to get others to input their own ideas and opinions.

The fact-of-the-matter is that I may actually be obsessed with the websites more than I am the actual show.  I somewhat feel that I will be leaving this all behind one day sooner than later and I strive to include things that aren't quite done yet.  It may never be finished and all I can personally say about that is that I feel that's a good thing.  My intentions were, when I began doing the website, to provide a place where all questions about the show and it's characters could be answered and that I could find enough new stuff on my own and not take away from the other Vic and Sade websites (especially

I never dreamed it would turn into what it has turned into.  People have called it an encyclopedia, and well, if that's what it is, then that's pretty much what I had in mind to begin with.  I often wonder what Paul Rhymer or Bill Idelson would say if they could see what goes on here. 

I'm not much of a writer but luckily, people like Sarah Cole and Keith Heltsley (and others) have eased my burden in that area and help class up the joint.  What little interwebs """talent""" I have lies in research, and I'm pretty much rotten in every other field here.  My graphics are amateur, my fantasy scripts are MEH, etc.  I appreciate you guys putting up with my sloppiness!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Questions people should ask me but never do #1

Q.  Hey Jimbo... why haven't you corrected all the names you have misspelled and messed up in your blog?  I've read most of the scripts on your site and many of those names are just WRONG!  What gives, man?

A. Uh... it all comes down to this... I had already made 90% of the site when I started to realize the names I HEARD were not actually their names at all; simply the way I heard their names.

Then realize just how much material there is on the site and how hard it is to correct 500 names or so in 500 posts.  

I have corrected numerous names and every now and then I will do a wholesale correction on one of the characters.  But it's not an easy job.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sade and RJ Konk Part II?

Hypothetically, this could be Sade and R.J. Konk, the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way founder -- but in "reality" it's neither Sade nor Konk. It's Bernardine Flynn alright, but here she is in Hawkins Falls, that dreary TV soap opera. The painting is of someone I do not know.

You can always pretend it's Sade and Konk though, if you wish! :)
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