Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3500 Paul Rhymer scripts?

Ever since I have been a fan of Vic and Sade, I have read over and over and in many places that there are "about" 3500 scripts Paul Rhymer had written for Vic and Sade.

The number was probably closer to 2600-2700 and that's only if you count the two television series, something we know virtually nothing about in terms of series run.

A look at J. David Goldin's collection, especially when you look near the end of Series One (September 26, 1944, for example) - he has this labeled as program #2597.  It is safe to assume all the program #'s he's recorded on the WWW were taken directly from the original discs.

Series Two and Three and the subsequent TV series probably didn't add up to 75 or so shows, total.

Many of the first 2600 shows were basically re-used scripts.  A good guess is there are at least 50 re-used scripts, although we only can prove 10 or so of those.

Use your own math.  There's virtually no way that there are 3500 scripts, no matter how you count them.

New info: 43-03-05 Fred's Dead Storage Car

I found some new details about episode 43-03-03 Fred's Dead Storage Car.

First of all, the notes I have led me to believe this episode was dated 42-03-05.  I have just learned that the date of the episode is actually 43-03-05, at least that's what simple deduction would say.

Secondly, according to J. David Goldin, who either owned or owns the transcription disc, we learn a few new things that we weren't privy to.  Please check the episode for more.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


I got up early this morning (something I always do) and  was somehow directed to an old podcast I had done about Vic and Sade.  I listened to it for a while and something just occurred to me: am I overdoing this?

Maybe so, maybe not.  I know that my enthusiasm for the show rarely seems to waver but there are times when I do get tired of working on the websites.  And right now, I have a bad cold and feel a bit depressed, perhaps (prompting a worrisome article such as this).  But the overall enthusiasm I seem to have for the show is real.  But after a while, I wonder, what does anyone care how I feel about the show?

I do question myself a lot regarding these websites.  I often wonder what Bill Idelson would say about the sites?  Other than thinking that the author was totally off his rocker, would he appreciate the sites or view it overkill?

You see that I am wadded-up this morning with worrisome questions.

To be honest, I haven't heard any negative comments about my sites - as a matter of fact, all comments have all been positive and have given me needed energy.  But I do wonder if it's all for naught, sometimes.

Taking a look at other fan sites around the net, I find that my sites sit closely with those of others who are "over the top".  The other sites are filled to the brim with information.  But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Sickness gives you a chance to reflect and the water is murky right now.  But one thing that never changes - I listen to the show several times a day. 

I hope to continue with the video commentaries just as soon as this cold is over with.

Friday, January 10, 2014

There's a Vic and Sade killer on the loose!

And here it is:

No one wants to have anything to do with Vic and Sade after watching this bologna. Someone please call 911.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

BULL! #1

Martin Jordle of Sycamore, Illinois could talk the language of the horse. ‘Give me a match, Walter,' he'd say in horse-talk, and his horse would scratch around in the stable looking for a match." 

Uncle Fletcher, 43-12-21 Uncle Fletcher Asks for Lodging for Himself and Roy Dejectedly

A Pair of Vic and Sade Halloween stories - sort of

  • RUSH: Atmosphere like this makes an individual feel mean. Keep a person up here eight minutes, and they're liable to get the impulse to paste their grandmother one upside the snoot. I was readin' in the newspaper where four guys were cooped up in a boxcar, and they got ta stickin' pins in each other's flesh... 

42-08-18 Attic Cleaning


40-08-14 Bacon Sandwiches

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dejected-ly four times

How many of you remember that there was a running joke in 1943-4 that Uncle Fletcher was going to bring Roy Dejectedly to visit?

Was it a funny joke?  Meh, but it was one of the longest running jokes that we have record of.
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