Thursday, October 26, 2017

A creation from Dave Duckert!

Vic and Sadecast 058 – Vic Wins Broad-brimmed Hat!

"Dave from Wisconsin" weighs in onhis opinion as host of the latest:  Vic and Sadecast 058 – Vic Wins Broad-brimmed Hat!

Missing script found - sort of

I fixed the missing script synopsis for: 42-12-17 Vic and the Cowboy Lodge Hat.  It works now meaning it NEVER WORKED BEFORE and I didn't know it.  A simple, dumb mistake by yours truly.

If you see something not working, the chances are it can be fixed - so please let me know, either by email, a comment, or Twitter (Jimbo_otr@Twitter).

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dismal Seepage and Google Books and Lum and Abner

As you can see here, "Dismal Seepage" goes beyond Vic and Sade lore.

And as you can see here, it shows up in print as early as 1918, in some sort of newspaper or magazine known as the Peregrine Observer:

But that place no longer exists (that I could find) - although there is a "Dismal Swamp", Arkansas.  Could it be that Dismal Seepage came from Lum and Abner rather than Paul Rhymer?  There's no way of knowing but we know that Chester and Chet were friends of Rhymer (Lum and Abner even have a section of the main website devoted to them). 

I talked to Donnie Pitchford yesterday (he's the big muckity-muck over at the National Lum and Abner Society); he says Clarence Hartzell was all about some Dismal Seepage when he talked to him.  Neither Pitchford or his cohorts know anything about Dismal Seepage in Arkansas.  From what I gathered, they tend to think it's a Paul Rhymer thing...

So, who knows?

Vic and Sadecast - 1 AM Train

Vic and Sadecast 056 – One A.M. Train (10/24/17)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

A question I cannot answer

Is "Dismal Seepage" an invention of Paul Rhymer?  For some reason, I have always assumed it was not his idea.  Why did I think this?  I have no idea!

If you have input on this, please let us know.

Vic and Sadecast 054 – Fred Might Consider Joining the Lodge

Shambles Constant is your host!

Vic and Sadecast 054 – Fred Might Consider Joining the Lodge

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Is Vic and Sade "Comedy"?

The episode, "Appelrot Shoves Sade Around" brought out this noteworthy comment from "Dave from Kentucky":

Episodes like this make me wonder whether "Vic and Sade" is properly categorized as a comedy.  (This is not a criticism, by the way; it's a good episode.)  The only thing funny I can find in this episode is the name Appelrot, but such twistedly descriptive names occur even in real life, for example Bill Idelson plays the Gooks' adopted idle son -- which is not to say Rush is lazy, just that we only hear from him during his idle hours at home.  During those times he either tries to be supportive and helpful, as he does here, or he tries to be entertaining, as when he reads aloud from some absurd Third Lieutenant Stanley adventure.  When present, Vic also attempts to entertain the others with his witty remarks and stories of his absurdly-named acquaintances.  I don't think we can point to these absurd names as proof that this is a comedy, however, because in many cases we only have Vic's word for it that these are their actual names, and Vic cannot be trusted to use people's actual names, since he often refers to Rush and Sade with names that are manifestly not their own.      

So my own view is that "Vic and Sade" is not a comedy; it is slice-of-life fiction about realistic people who often entertain each other using their own comedic routines.  As to why they would go to such lengths, I would point out that while they do go to movies, this is before TV and as far as I can tell they don't have a radio.  Since they were not bombarded by entertainment every waking moment, they developed the skills to provide their own.  But they knew when to drop the comedy routines and help each other out in serious ways, as in this particular episode.

- "Dave from Kentucky" 

I truly welcome opinions from all of you.  Please understand that all Vic and Sade fans can benefit from your opinions and I am happy to document them in the appropriate place.

Two Vic and Sadecasts!

Due to my schedule, I have posted two Vic and Sadecasts today; one is for today and one is for tomorrow as I am going to be busy.

I am also going to be busy Monday as well and so, there is a good chance there will be no Vic and Sadecast on Tuesday.  There is even a chance that Wednesday will also be bypassed.  But I will be back by Thursday, for sure.

Maybe you can use this downtime and catch up on episodes you may have missed.

Sunday and Monday's shows have been done by special guests; Appelrot Shoves Sade Around was done by Shambles Constant, the Bloomington native.  He does a swell job tackling this episode and his pleasant voice is a respite from my goofy tones.

Dave Duckert (aka Dave from Wisconsin) is at the helm for Hank's $200 Wardrobe.  Dave approaches the show from a humorous and analytical way.

The best thing is, both Shambles and Dave enjoy "Vic and Sade" as much as I do.

You can catch all the Vic and Sadecasts over at the ONSUG, plus there's a lot more there.  Look around and see what catches your eye.

I'll be back soon, boys and girls!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

An imagined partial list of RJ Konk's magical powers

  • Perhaps the power to avoid athlete's foot in a community shower
  • Perhaps the power to tell when someone has gotten a haircut or hair trim
  • Perhaps the power to watch a sporting event and not have to go to the restroom the entire game
  • Perhaps the power to read fine typed print without the use of a semi-educated grandchild
  • Perhaps the ability to eat ketchup on a frankfurter without the ridicule from others
  • Perhaps the power to eat a whole small package of Corn Nuts without the fear of breaking a tooth
  • Perhaps the ability to grow old and not rely on the use of a "grabber"

Vic and Sadecast 040 – Shake Hands with R.J. Konk

Vic and Sadecast 040 – Shake Hands with R.J. Konk (10/4/17)

Monday, October 2, 2017

Armadillo - a short Vic and Sade fantasy play

Dave from Wisconsin (Dave Duckert) recently wrote a Vic and Sade fantasy script.  He shared it with me and I made a few suggestions.  Dave and his family (see below) then recorded it and I present it to you here!

  • Sade:  Emily Duckert
  • Rush:  Greg Duckert
  • Announcer:  Lori Duckert
  • Vic:  Dave Duckert
The play is called "Armadillo".  Thank you to Dave and the Duckert family for the fun listen!

Imagine how many tears the Brick Mush Man cried when he caught his head in the revolving door!

Vic and Sadecast 38: presented by Dave Duckert - The Brick Mush Man Got His Head Caught in a Revolving Door.
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