Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's baseball season

Vic and Rush and Russell (not to mention Mr. Sludge [White Sox] and Fred Stembottom [Dizzy Dean]) all loved baseball - and I do too.  Sunday evening is "Opening Day" and Monday is "Opening Day" as well.  My favorite team plays on the West coast Monday night, beginning at 10 pm, Eastern time.  I have to stay up all hours.  That's the price one must pay.

That gives me all day Monday to work on Vic and Sade.  The thing is, the next thing in line is a script, one of those so-called "dirty scripts"... that is, a script that's been written on (I do believe it was from the hand of Clarance Hartzell.)  I do hate to 'clean' these scripts up but it's for the better,  It makes them much easier to read.  Here's an example of the clean up:

It won't be a one day job.  It might take two or three.  And it's baseball season. And it's Opening Week.  I might disappear for a bit, but it won't be for long.

Play ball!

"I wouldn't dirty my shoe kicking him downstairs"

Sade doesn't like Hank Gutstop. Or his Christmas Scheme. Now with partial script and a more-detailed synopsis. And some other junk.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Vic, Sade and Rush have breakfast

It's not the focal point of 33-09-15 Thimble Club Inspection Trip, but the episode shows the Gook family did eat breakfast every once in a while.

New commentary, trivia and a partial script and synopsis.
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