Saturday, December 21, 2013

Why Vic and Sade were 'Dizzy'

On at least two occasions that we are aware of (and realize that we know the contents of only 650 or so of probably 3000+ episodes), Vic and Sade centered discussions on St. Louis baseball pitcher Dizzy Dean.  (You can find those episodes here and here).

Since both Rush and Vic seem to be fans of the Chicago White Sox (this team was mentioned twice as well in the known shows), I always wondered why Dean was brought up "so often".

While doing some research this morning, I found that Bloomington, Illinois was the home for one of the St. Louis Cardinals' minor league teams, excepting two years, when they were affiliated with the Chicago Cubs.

Dean never played in Bloomington, but the fact-of-the-matter is that the Cardinals' affiliate was there and this obviously influenced writer Paul Rhymer, most-probably during his young life.  He was probably a Cardinals' fan and in addition, was probably a Dean fan as well.

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