Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dillman Dells

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Miller Park in Bloomington is spoken about often in Vic and Sade episodes.  It seems to have some transcendental qualities, such as being a place where the Gooks can magically obtain books; this area was mentioned in the known episodes at least twice for this purpose alone.

More importantly, Miller Park was a place for the family to go and relax, see $10,000 baboons at the zoo, and picnic on Independence Day.

I've found a map that shows the park when it was first built, way back in 1889.  It provides some information that we weren't aware of: it looks to be the home of what Sade once referred to as "Dillman Dells".  This is appears to be the name of the picnic grounds there at the park (you can see the word "Dell" shows up at least twice on the map) and we know Dillman Dells was a picnic area, since Sade mentioned it as such.

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