Thursday, December 5, 2013

Introducing the unfinished Garbled-de-Gook

Way back in the early Summer (I think) Sarah Cole and I began discussing the crazy things Sade would often say.  Not just her stretching of situations but her confusing malaproppish-type, whatever-they-weres.  Some of them are quite classic.

Mis' Cole proposed that we call them "Garbled-de-Gooks" -- which immediately rang a bell with me and hope they do with you as well.

I began a project, the writing of a blog where I keep track of these things.  It's not finished and may never be finished.

And just this week I had a pretty significant heart attack, had a stint put in the 3rd largest vein in my heart and am now, out of the hospital.  And it occurs to me that the half-finished website just sits there with no one ever accessing it.

I have done plenty of work on it and I am pretty sure it's about halfway done.  Perhaps I can tackle an episode a day and finish it; I'd certainly like to.

You can visit if you'd like.  Things may change from what they are now.  Nothing you see there is final.  There were some things there that I didn't know if I should include or not (including some things said by characters other than Sade).

I just don't want to go away and not show you.  Please let me know how I can make it better.


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