Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What I found in the treasure box

Here's what I found in the treasure box after weeding out the chaff:
  • Many photos of Rhymer and the cast that I have never seen before, maybe in the neighborhood of 35.
  • Lots of new newspaper/magazine articles.  Again, maybe in the neighborhood of 20 full-size articles or more and perhaps up to 100(!) or more small newspaper/magazine articles.
  • Notes.  More than quadruple the notes I had gotten before; there's no way to tell you how many there are, but enough to keep me busy a long time.  There are a lot of clues to help me find things as well.
  • Complete scripts.  As far as "complete" goes, there might be 15 new ones I haven't seen before.
  • Script pieces I didn't have.  LOTS and LOTS of them, maybe 150, where perhaps I have as much as 1/3rd of a script.  Either way, significantly more than you would see in my episodes done earlier, where I gave credit to Barbara Schwarz. 
  • Lots and lots of original material. This would include some ingenious artwork and other stuff done by zealous fans.
  • MORE STUFF.  Hey, i can't remember it all.  I spent 10 hours or so going over every piece of paper.  I really didn't get a chance to read anything but there is lots of NEW stuff to explore.

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  1. For a short while, one of the "Friends of Vic & Sade" members was creating new scripts under the umbrella title "Creative Men at Work." A couple of these were performed at the one west coast meeting that was held in '97.

    If I'm remembering correctly, Ms. Schwarz could only reproduce script highlights for awhile because that's all Mary Frances Rhymer would allow. She kept an iron grip on Paul Rhymer's legacy, though it was Barbara's impression that "she didn't really 'get' the humor of the show."


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