Sunday, October 19, 2014


Nothing has seen more changes, tears, anguish, frustration, elation... than THE MAP.

THE MAP was something I thought would be easy to take care of and change as time went along.  I babysat this map and changed it everyday, adding this and that as time went along.  I'd review an episode and change the map.  I'm guessing I made 500 changes to this map.

It was never perfect or even close to it, so a long time ago, I put it away, promising to not let it bother me again.  The map was ugly, I thought, and inaccurate to boot.

But lately, I've been going through my old digital files and I found THE MAP.  I looked at it and I realized that it's really not that bad of a map.

So here it is again.  It's probably not 100% accurate...

click to enlarge

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