Monday, October 20, 2014

It's like Christmas for Jimbo

A few years ago, i was given the notes and briefs of scripts from Barbara Schwarz's adventures into the University of Wisconsin's library in Madison that houses the vast majority of the Paul Rhymer script collection.

Today, I am the very proud owner of somewhere close to all of her work.  I received a giant box today and it's full to the brim of stuff.

I hope to add every note to the website.  First, i have to go over it, year by year.  Then I have to scan it all and upload it.  Then I have to post it all.

I have no working scanner at the moment but that should be remedied just as soon as I make it to town, then I can get to work.

I'm not sure how this will be done yet either; I have to think about this as I look over this treasure.

I will see you soon!

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