Wednesday, October 4, 2017

An imagined partial list of RJ Konk's magical powers

  • Perhaps the power to avoid athlete's foot in a community shower
  • Perhaps the power to tell when someone has gotten a haircut or hair trim
  • Perhaps the power to watch a sporting event and not have to go to the restroom the entire game
  • Perhaps the power to read fine typed print without the use of a semi-educated grandchild
  • Perhaps the ability to eat ketchup on a frankfurter without the ridicule from others
  • Perhaps the power to eat a whole small package of Corn Nuts without the fear of breaking a tooth
  • Perhaps the ability to grow old and not rely on the use of a "grabber"


  1. Power to eat corn on the cob without the use of a napkin.
    Power to tie a tie with one hand.
    Power to open a beer bottle with a pineapple.
    Power to play the star spangled banner on a dog whistle.
    Power to crack a walnut with his hat.
    Power to replace a blown fuse in the dark.
    Power to light a cigar using nothing more than a locomotive.


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