Saturday, November 1, 2014

Big changes

Due to the fact that 1) I have a number of new newspaper and magazine articles (only 1/2 have been posted thus far) and 2) some of the articles might be hard to read, I have taken the enormous giant leap to try and solidify things.

I have begun a new branch (blog) to hold just newspaper and magazine articles.  They will be "blown up" to their largest size from the get go; you may then read it, or choose "save as" (to save it) or choose "view image" to make it even larger and you can read it (or again, choose to save it).

This means a few things: first, the "Newspaper Articles" choice on the left hand side of blog no longer exists (or won't as of Monday).

Secondly, 99% of the newspaper/magazine articles that existed on The Vic and Sade Notebook no longer exist here but have been transferred (or are in the process of being transferred) to a new site, Vic and Sade in Print Media.  You can go ahead and check it out, but it's unfinished.

Another advantage of the new site is that it should be much easier to find the specific article you seek, if you are looking for a specific reference without reading all of an article.  In processing and creating the site, I have done my best to highlight specific words or phrases to make finding things easier.

As of this writing, I am probably only 35% of the way done, but by Monday, I hope to have it completed.  Everything else has been put on hold until this is done.

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