Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jimbo finds another episode! Sort of.

Yes, I found another episode!!

But wait, it's only one I haven't heard - you have heard it probably 1000 times.

I've explained this before, but let me do so again...

When I download my Vic and Sade audio, I downloaded it from OTRR.  I don't know about now, but at the time I downloaded them, I was under the impression it was the most-complete of all of the "complete" sets.

Well as it turns out, it is the most incomplete out of the complete sets!  And to my count, there are at least 4 episodes missing and possibly as many as 7.  I have not bothered to go and crosscheck.

I tried to crosscheck once and obviously did a very poor job...

The other day, I heard a bit of this episode (which, by the way, is newly posted) and I thought to myself... HMMMM I HAVE NEVER HEARD THAT!  And after doing some digging, I found that I was right, I hadn't heard it!  And until this very morning, I had never heard the whole thing!

However, the gist of this episode was included on the J. David Goldin site and so I was already familiar with it's contents.

The nice thing about the episode is that we are told about a clique of Thimble Club ladies who come fromthe west part of town.  Sade refers to them in a way that is neither flattering or not flattering.  But she certainly does refer to them as as if they are different from the rest of the Thimble gals.

We are also privy to all four of those gals' names.

This is at least the 2nd episode I found out of a clear blue sky that YOU had and I didn't.  So be happy for me!

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