Thursday, November 30, 2017

The first robin of the spring (part II, solved?)

Paul Rhymer had fun with the "first robin of spring" idea.  So did Don Quin of Fibber McGee and Molly.

I thought it was all a big gag... but then, I got the idea to look this up in the Daily Pantgraph (now known as The Pantgraph), the Bloomington newspaper.

I'm not into spending wallets of money, so I can't access the articles there (by the way, all newspapers should be ashamed of themselves for charging to search out and retrieve old articles., don't you agree?).  Anyway, after tip-toeing through their system which is designed for me to find what I want but not actually show me anything, I found enough to convince me that spotting the first robin of the spring is indeed a big deal in Bloomington, Illinois.  I did not fidn out what the reward or benefits are/were, however, getting one's name in the paper seems to be fitting (and I did see such evidence).

So, there's that!

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