Thursday, June 15, 2017

Love Letters to Vic and Sade

Thanks (again) to Dave Duckert, there is now a new Vic and Sadecast up.  This one is called, "Love Letters to Vic and Sade".  Dave recently made a trek to the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison and was allowed to leaf through and copy several fan letters to the show.

Dave got his family and friends together and recorded the letters, along with Sarah Cole and myself.  Some of these letters will really hit home with you, either in a fun or a sad way.  This program lasts a little more than 16 minutes but it packs a wallop, emotionally.  Dave did a wonderful job choosing the letters for all to read, and as always, is a fine host.

I hope you will check out the show and leave Dave some feedback.  He deserves it!


  1. Jimbo - nice job pulling this together! I really enjoyed your part as well as Sarah's.


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