Thursday, November 10, 2016

Behind the Bright Kentucky Hotel Nemesis?

This may not be an original idea put forth here; it is almost impossible to remember everything that I have heard and read about "Vic and Sade" throughout the time I have been following the show as closely as I have.  There's a good chance I am either repeating the thoughts of Paul Rhymer (from a magazine or newspaper article), from a member of "The Friends of Vic and Sade" or I could have read it on a forum somewhere in the last six years.  However, I think it is an original idea.  And it really is as simple as adding one and one together for the informed fan.

Though we have little to go by, there seems to be no doubt that the engineers of the Chicago-Alton Railway had it in for the bachelors at the Bright Kentucky Hotel.  One reason we know this can found in the article here.

And who is the one guy on the show that "has it in" for Mr. Gumpox (and Howard)?  That's right kids, Mr. Donahue the Chicago-Alton Railway engineer.  I am quite certain a story is missing where we find out Mr. Gumpox (or Howard) has committed some other atrocity against Mr. Donahue and in doing so, has riled him up so much that he gets the whole gang of engineers to terrorize the Bright Kentucky whenever they fly past.

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  1. It was Howard who ate Mr. Donahue's lunch that fateful day, prompting Mr. D to strike Howard with a rolled-up newspaper. There's also a lot of satire in Rhymer's scripts about "class distinction" among working men. Vic's in-laws are forever hinting that his white collar office job is a glorified vacation (my mom used to chuckle about that, claiming that it was a common prejudice in the '30s and '40s). It probably wouldn't be unheard of for an engineer to look down on a lowly garbageman.


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