Thursday, April 24, 2014

More details concerning the newly found audio

There is no doubt, nor has it ever been a question, that the new audio I found yesterday is 100% legit.  It's from NBC and therefore must be from either 1940 or 1941, since Uncle Fletcher is also in the clip.

The clip (it's just that - there is no more) comes from a 1956 radio show called, Biography in Sound, and the episode called "Recollections at 30", of which is freely available.  It was an NBC retrospective program.  It has many clips from many other shows as well.  And all this time that clip has been sitting right there staring at us, but no one had ever bothered to "unearth" it.

My only question has been, is it from a previously known program?  I do not recognize it.  And the more I listen and think - the more I am certain that this is "brand new stuff."

My educated guess is that it does not belong to anything that was in the J. David Goldin library, because none of his discs fit the criteria (must be NBC, must contain Uncle Fletcher, must be a Goldin disc).  Therefore, we can assume one of two things: that there is a disc out there that hasn't be put into circulation OR that the portion we heard was from a tape recording, or both.  Yes, there are things out there I am sure we've not heard.

My guess:


  1. I don't remember this clip at all, and I've listened to all the Rush-era episodes dozens of times. I agree that it's new!


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